What to Expect When Charged With Carjacking in Las Vegas

Committing theft-related offenses can cause severe consequences for the involved parties. Thus, you want to understand what to expect if you or your loved one faces arrest and is charged with...

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What To Do When You are Arrested for a Checkpoint DUI in Las Vegas?

Generally, police in Las Vegas set up driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoints to deter drunk driving. When the police pull you over and you stop, the law enforcer will inquire whether you have...

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What to Expect When Facing Drug Charges in Nevada

Nevada laws are very stringent on controlled substances. A drug-related charge is serious, and a conviction could result in a lengthy prison time and hefty fines. Consequences will be grave for an...

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What Happens If My Charges Are Dropped in Las Vegas?

There is no better feeling than learning that the prosecutor will not bring your criminal charges to trial. However, you probably wonder what happens and whether you will receive a refund of the...

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Understanding Fraud Crimes in Las Vegas

The types of activities and conduct that might lead to fraud charges in Las Vegas are diverse. Heavy fines, restitution, longer prison sentences, and, in some situations, reimbursement of...

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How DUI Drugs Charge In Nevada Work?

Facing an arrest for being in possession or under the influence of a controlled substance in Nevada could be a traumatizing experience. Drug crime-related arrests are common among ordinary Nevada...

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Penalties for Battery Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

Nevada has established strict laws to deal with domestic violence cases. However, the penalties for domestic violence depend on the specifics of your case. Some carry severe charges than others,...

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Arrested for a DUI in Nevada

A DUI arrest in Las Vegas, NV, can be devastating, especially if it’s your first time. You will feel worried and scared about the charges and the life-changing effects of a drunk driving charge...

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Juvenile Bail Bonds in Nevada

When a minor commits a crime in Nevada, the process of arrest and filing of their charges are different from an adult offender’s process. When your child faces charges in juvenile court, they have...

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Choosing an Answering Service For Your Bail Bond Company

Hiring an answering service for your bail bond company is very critical to accelerating its growth and survival. The answering service comes with plenty of benefits. Having someone to answer your...

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