Criminal domestic violence cases are emotionally testing and stressful. Apart from facing criminal charges, defendants are also likely to deal with criminal protective orders ("CPO"). This could easily create a rift between you and your loved ones or even force you to vacate your current home for a specified period. Furthermore, you are also likely to spend time in jail as your matter is processed.

While there’s little you can do to battle with the court’s criminal protective orders, you can post bail to avoid jail time before a judge determines your case. Domestic violence courts are often backlogged, and it could take a while before your matter shows any real progress. If you cannot raise the bail money, a bail bond service will come in handy.

Domestic Violence Bail Bond — Definition

Until 1984 domestic violence bail bonds were unnecessary because alleged abusers didn’t need to be arrested. With offenses happening behind closed doors and not in front of police officers, it took a while for the authorities to obtain warrants that allowed them to make an arrest. In 1984 the United States Attorney General made it standard procedure for arrests to be made on alleged abusers as soon as they are reported. These new guidelines made domestic violence bail bonds necessary.

Like other types of bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds help obtain a defendant’s freedom from jail. This freedom comes with limitations because defendants must attend all court hearings. They also face the risk of spending time in prison if arrested for offenses.

The main difference between domestic violence bail bonds and other bonds is that in this case, defendants may also face criminal protective orders. This includes restraining orders that prevent them from contacting the victims or witnesses of a crime.

Some of the relationships categorized under “domestic” violence laws include but are not limited to:

  • Married couples
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Siblings
  • Parents/kids
  • Roommates

What Are Bail Bond Services? Do You Need Them?

Bail bond services take care of posting the bail bond to help defendants secure their freedom. They charge a 15% non-refundable premium as mandated by the Nevada state laws—no more, no less.

Through bail bond services, you can get out of jail quicker and begin working on your case. Most people don’t have enough cash on hand to post bail, and property bonds tend to pose specific challenges. Apart from the fact that using such bonds can lower your property’s equity, their processing time is lengthier because the relevant documentation must be prepared and verified.

Enlisting a bail bondsman can help you secure your freedom within the shortest time possible. It takes roughly half an hour to complete the necessary paperwork, and this allows posting of bail as soon as the booking process is finalized. With the right service, you won't spend one minute longer in jail than necessary.

How Much Is the Bail for Domestic Violence Related Crimes?

Domestic violence tussles differ in their magnitude, which dictates the charges you will face as a defendant. Minor disturbances are charged as misdemeanors and typically carry a $1,000 bail. However, the bail may be as high as $3,000 to $5,000 if you are a repeat offender or your case features certain aggravating factors.

How much the courts set as bail is entirely up to the judge to decide. Based on the set amount, the bondsman you choose will help you calculate the bail bond fee. This is usually just a small fraction of the full bail amount.

Ways to Get Released From Jail Following Domestic Violence Charges

Once you are arrested for a domestic violence-related crime, you will be booked into jail until the preliminary hearing. It is at this hearing that a judge will determine the bail amount needed to secure your freedom. Unfortunately, you cannot be released until the preliminary hearing takes place.

There are three main ways of getting out of jail as you await trial:

Method 1 — Settle the Full Bail Amount

If you are financially endowed, you can explore the option of paying a cash bond to secure your freedom. It is also possible to place a property bond, although this is a risky option that is better off avoided.

Method 2 — Contact a Bail Bondsman

You can purchase a bail bond from a bail bond agent at only a fraction of the full bail amount—15% in Nevada. Once you pay this non-refundable premium, the bail bondsman will settle your full bail to ensure your release from jail.  Make sure you find a service known for its quick turnaround time.

Method 3 — Enlist the Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney

There is always the option of enlisting a criminal defense lawyer to have the bail scrapped off or reduced. Unfortunately, hiring an attorney is not cheap, not to mention that even a good outcome will not happen instantly. If you don’t post bail, you have to remain in jail for days or weeks as your attorney tries to schedule a hearing with the judge.

How Soon Can I Be Released From Jail Following Domestic Violence A Charge?

Unfortunately,  even the best bail bondsman cannot do much to secure your freedom before the preliminary hearing, where a judge sets the bail amount. Once this is finalized, the processing of paperwork to secure your release can start. This typically takes less than an hour, although it may take 6-16 hours for the state to finalize your release process from jail. This process may even take a day or more during weekends or holidays.

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