An arrest is among the most sudden events someone can face. Rarely does it occur during the usual business hours and usually finds a person not financially stable. When arrested, most people have to choose between paying their regular bills and finding means to secure their release through bail. If you find yourself in this position, you can seek help from a bonds agency to help secure your release so you can concentrate on paying other bills.

At Express Bail Bonds, we help people arrested in Green Valley Ranch post bail. Our bondsmen are always on standby to answer the phone and ensure they respond to all your questions. Within a short period after a phone call, one of our bail bondsmen will complete your bail bond application and secure the bond.

Definition of Bail

If you have been arrested in Green Valley for a crime, you may have heard of the word 'bail.'  What does this term mean? Simply put, bail is an agreement where a criminal defendant promises to make all court appearances if released from jail pending the determination of their criminal charges. The arrestee must also pay a certain amount of cash as determined by the judge to guarantee their promise.

If the accused fails to appear in court as promised, they will forfeit their bail amount. On the other hand, the court refunds the defendant their money once their case is resolved and they have made all court appearances.

The Bail Process in Green Valley Ranch

After an arrest, booking, and filing of criminal charges against a defendant, they would be subject to a bail hearing during which the judge sets bail. The judge decides the bail value at their discretion. They can deny bail or impose a higher value if the defendant faces charges for a violent offense or are at risk of fleeing the country.

As mentioned above, judges enjoy the discretion of setting a bail value, which varies based on several factors, including the nature of the charges. For example, defendants facing charges for a non-violent offense can have their bail amount set at a lower amount while felony charges carry a higher amount.

Once the judge has decided the amount, the defendant can call a Green Valley Ranch bail bonds service to help them pay the total bail amount in the form of a bond.

Definition of Bail Bond

A bail bond is a form of surety bond that a surety bond agency provides through a bail bondsman that secures a defendant's release from custody. To provide a bond for a defendant, the surety bond agency will request the defendant to pay a certain fee for their services. This fee is usually 15 percent of the total bail value in Green Valley Ranch.

How Bail Bonds Work

A court judge sets the amount of bail. If the defendant cannot afford to pay the set bail value from their pocket, they could seek assistance from a bail bonds agency in the form of a bond.

For example, Sarah is arrested in Green Valley Ranch for a criminal offense, and the judge sets her bail at ten thousand dollars. Sarah wants to leave jail but lacks ten thousand dollars in cash. She, therefore, seeks assistance from a Green Valley Ranch bail bonds service to pay a bond for her.

The bail bondsman will require 1,500 dollars to post a bond for Sarah, thus releasing her from custody. The bondsman may also require Sarah or her family to provide collateral for the remaining nine thousand dollars of bail. Collateral may be in the form of real estate, a car, jewelry, et cetera.

Provided Sarah makes all court appearances, the bondsman will not require any additional cash, and the bail bond will dissolve at the end of their case. The bondsman would receive back the ten thousand dollars they posted as a bail bond and give Sarah their collateral back. However, Sarah would not be refunded the 1,500 dollars they paid the bondsman back. The bondsman would keep the money as profit for their service.

If Sarah failed to make court appearances as required, the bail bondsman would forfeit the ten thousand they posted as a bond. If the bondsman loses the bond amount to the court, they will have to sell Sarah's collateral to recover their money.

The Period for Bail Bond Processing

Usually, bond processing takes around fifteen to thirty minutes. After processing, the period it will take for you to be released from custody ranges between three and 12 hours, based on how busy the jail facility where you are is. Most bail bondsmen in Green Valley Ranch are available 24/7. Therefore, you can contact them anytime if you have any questions. They will address your concerns and issues about the bail bond process.

Defendant Responsibilities While Out On Bail

In almost all cases, the accused is set free within a short time after they have paid their bail. After being released, the defendant must attend court as the judge requires. Additionally, they will be required to obey any other instructions as the judge or their bail bondsman dictates.

For example, they may be required to:

  • Not to violate any other laws.
  • Not to make contact with the victim.
  • Surrender all their travel documents, including their passport and driver's license.
  • Wear a monitor.
  • Check in with the bondsman for an update about their case.

If they fail to comply with the imposed conditions, the judge or bondsman can revoke their bond, meaning they would return to custody. After the end of the accused's trial, they will not be held with their bond even if they are found guilty.

Other Ways of Paying Bail

A defendant can use other means to pay bail apart from contacting a Green Valley Ranch bail bonds service for help. They are:

Paying Cash to the Court/ Jail Facility

Paying cash to the court is known as cash bail. A defendant must pay the required bail amount in full to be released. The court holds onto the cash until the defendant makes all court appearances and the case is completed. The defendant will receive their money back at the end of their case, provided they made all court appearances.

Paying Bail Using Property

Alternatively, if the defendant does not have money to hire a Green Valley Ranch bail bonds service or pay cash bail, they can pledge their valuable property to the court to hold onto until their case is over. This is known as a property bond. The property could be a car, real estate, bank account, or stock.

If the defendant fails to make all the court appearances, the court can force a foreclosure on or levy the pledged property to recover the bail money.

Why You Should Hire Green Valley Ranch Bail Bonds Service

If you have been charged with an offense, there are many reasons why hiring a bail bonds company to help you post bail is helpful as opposed to other ways.

Firstly, if you consult a bonds agency, you will deal with a bondsman with the necessary experience to post bail. Being held in custody can be an overwhelming experience, and the court proceedings plus subsequent paperwork are challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with it. Because bail bondsmen have been dealing with these matters for a long time, they will look into your issue, complete all the paperwork, and guide you through the entire process.

Secondly, being skilled in their field, bondsmen can expedite your release. They will talk to judges and develop the best strategies to release you quickly.

Lastly, you will enjoy full confidentiality and privacy when you consult bondsmen. You will control the bail bonds process, and your personal information will not be compromised.

Bail Denial

As much as defendants in Green Valley Ranch have the right to bail, there are some cases where a judge can deny a defendant bail and order them to stay in custody until their case is resolved. A judge can deny an accused bail if: 

They Are Disrespectful to the Judge

Merely yelling at a judge during court proceedings or being disrespectful in any other way may be a sufficient reason for bail denial. If the defendant was disrespectful to the judge after being arrested, it could be why they will not have the opportunity to post bail.

Judges can sometimes change their minds and agree to bail after denying it. However, generally, it is not ideal to be disrespectful in a courtroom. It may result in you spending a more extended period in custody than you should have to.

They Are Not a Legal United States Citizen

If the judge finds out the defendant is not a legal United States citizen, there is almost zero chance they will be allowed to leave custody. Additionally, the defendant may face more serious problems than their current arrest.

Illegal immigrants are usually reported to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Based on the circumstances under which the arrest happened, they might face deportation, apart from other consequences of their arrest.

They Are a Repeat Offender

Has the defendant previously committed other crimes? They may currently be on probation or parole due to an offense they committed months or years ago. If so, that will not paint a good picture for them, which leaves the judge with no choice but to detain them and deny them bail. Repeat offenders often receive little leniency in court and must remain behind bars.

They Are Considered a Danger to Public Safety

Ideally, when a judge agrees to bail, the defendant leaves jail, returns home, and stays to themselves until their next court date. However, unluckily, that is not always the case. In some instances, a defendant released on bail will cause more trouble. They will pose a risk to the community and may end up harming themselves or other people in the process. If the judge thinks a defendant could pose any danger, they may order them to stay in custody until they undergo trial.

They Are Considered a Flight Risk

The judge carefully considers whether or not a  defendant will more likely disappear once released on bail before setting bail. Judges are not kind to suspected flight risks. Should the judge believe there is even a slight chance the defendant may fail to appear in court on the required dates, they will decline to release them on bail. The last thing judges want is to release a criminal suspect and then have law enforcement be forced to go and find them later.

They Have Been Charged with a Severe Crime

The judge may deny bail if the defendant has committed a severe crime. Those accused of kidnapping, rape, murder, treason, espionage, or any other severe violation will often remain in custody until their case is resolved, or the judge would set a very high bail amount.

If evidence surfaces that suggests the defendant might not have committed a severe offense to begin with, a judge may agree to grant bail or lower the amount. However, judges often order those charged with a severe violation to stay behind bars until their court trial date.

They Have a History of Missing Court Dates

Many people have a record of missing court dates. Over the years, they have shown poor judgment and failed to attend court. The judge may deny bail if the defendant has failed to appear in court, even if it is only once. That is why you need to appear in court whenever required or provide a valid excuse.

Court Information

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Telephone: 702-455-7980

Jail Information

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