Express Bail Bonds has a bail agent conveniently located in Green Valley Ranch, Nevada. An arrest can occur anywhere at any time. If you are a Green Valley Ranch resident, a bail bonds agent is close at hand and ready to help you all day, everyday. We work nights, weekends and holidays, just like law enforcement officers. Police officers do not arrest offenders according to a set schedule. That is why we work when we are needed, not according to the calendar. We understand the frustration of needing to have someone on your side and not being able to find the right person. We make it easy to find us and even easier to work with us.

Applying for a Bail Bond in Green Valley Ranch

With our office close by, applying for a bail bond in Green Valley Ranch, Nevada is not difficult. You can call our office and speak to a reputable bail bonds agent or you can visit the office at your earliest convenience. If your transportation options are limited, we can come to you. Wherever you are the most comfortable, we will make the meeting happen. All you have to do is provide us with some basic information about the case and we will do the rest.

To start a bail bonds application, we will need to know the defendant's full name, address, date of birth, possible offenses and the location of his or her arrest. With this information, we can complete the application in as little as 5 minutes to an hour. Once the application has been approved, the next step is finding out what the defendant's bail is and securing the bail bond application for that amount. Most bail bonds services want as much information as possible before they bail a person out of jail. This not only helps to complete their file, but it also helps to provide much needed information that will help find the defendant if he or she chooses to flee the court's jurisdiction.

In Nevada, the required fee for a legal bail bond is 15% of the total bond amount. Bail amounts can range from $5 hundred to over $1 million, depending on the severity of the crime. Most bail bonds that are less than $1000 can be handled using cash bonds that are paid directly to the jail. Bail bonds that are larger can cause quite a financial hardship for a struggling family and may require the use of a bail bonds service to make the fees more reasonable. That is where we come in.

Express Bail Bonds offers convenient payment plans for eligible applicants. We accept a variety of different types of payment including both cash and credit cards. It is our goal to make the application process as painless and stress free as possible considering the situation. We understand how difficult it is to come up with bail money on short notice. That is why we make every attempt to help our clients come up with feasible solutions to their financial problems. If the person who was arrested is the breadwinner of the family, they may lose their job if they can't report to work. We make it so they can keep their job and support their family through increasingly difficult economic times.

Obligations of the Co-signer and Defendant

A bail bond contract is legally binding between the co-signer, the defendant and the bail bonds agent who represents the insurance company that posted the bail. The bail agent upholds his portion of the agreement by posting the defendant's bail and obtaining their early release from jail. It is up to the co-signer and the defendant to uphold their individual obligations as well. It is also the bail bonds agent's responsibility to return the defendant to justice if they choose to skip out on bail or not comply with any of the court's orders.

The co-signer is responsible for two things. They must make sure the defendant appears in court at all scheduled hearings and meetings. They are also responsible for paying back the entire bond amount if, for some reason, the defendant fails to appear in court or does not live up to his end of the deal. If the defendant fails to appear in court and cannot be apprehended or returned to jail, the co-signer must then pay the entire bond amount to the bail bond service as part of their legal obligations per the bail bond contact.

In order for the defendant to be released from jail, he or she must agree to appear at all scheduled court appearances. They must also agree to stay out of any other sort of legal trouble. In some cases, if a defendant is arrested while they are out on bond, their bail will be revoked and they will be taken into custody until their actual court date. The charges may be combined and, in some instances, the judge may allow them to bond out a second time. This is solely up to the judge's discretion and will be decided upon at an arraignment hearing.

If you are a resident of Green Valley Ranch, call Express Bail Bonds today at 702-633-2245. We have a bail agent on site to take your call and help you get the process started. Our office is open 24/7 all year long. We will be there when you need us, not when it’s convenient. We understand that an arrest is not something that can be planned for. Instead, it takes place when you need it the least and leaves you confused and wondering what to do next. Call us. We have the answers you are looking for.