A domestic abuse allegation is always a serious matter, no matter the circumstances. Allegations of violence can arise from cases of abuse against your spouse, a former partner, or a member of the family. Prosecutors usually seek severe punishments, and courts frequently impose high bail bond amounts for anyone accused of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is facing charges of domestic violence in Las Vegas, you can contact Express Bail Bonds as soon as possible. Our bail bondsman can post your bail and get you out of jail so that you can get back to your life and loved ones.

Understanding Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence negatively affects people and families from all walks of life and socioeconomic levels. Many people don't know or have no experience with how the justice system or bail bonds work. Domestic violence bail bonds, like other bail bonds, are used to secure a defendant's release from detention.

All major rules still apply, like appearing for all court-ordered hearings and not getting caught for any other crimes while the bail is in effect. A domestic violence bond can involve a restraining order prohibiting the offender from making contact with the victim, which is the fundamental distinction between domestic violence bonds and regular bonds.

A Brief History of Laws on Domestic Violence

Before 1984, warrantless arrests were only permitted when a misdemeanor offense occurred when a police officer was present. Law enforcement officers were not authorized to make arrests in cases of domestic violence since such cases typically involved simple assault and battery, a misdemeanor.

In 1984, however, the United States Attorney General amended that by recommending that police make arrests as the first line of defense against domestic abuse. This suggestion stems from a controlled study conducted in Minneapolis that compared the outcomes of detaining the suspect, banning the batterer from returning home for 8 hours, and mediating the issue.

The study unequivocally demonstrated that arrest has a greater deterrent impact on subsequent crime than other forms of intervention. Presently, when an individual is taken into custody for domestic abuse charges, they need to get a domestic bail bond.

Facing Domestic Violence Charges

When law enforcement officers are called to look into a possible case of domestic violence, they almost always make an arrest, even if there is no physical evidence. Law enforcement officers consider domestic violence allegations seriously, and they're likely to detain first and then question you, leaving you little opportunity to defend yourself.

Prosecutors have the discretion to press domestic violence charges as either a felony or a misdemeanor. This depends on the specifics of the case. The charges include:

  • A first-time misdemeanor charge usually attracts a bail of $3,000
  • A second misdemeanor charge comes with a bail of $5,000
  • Felony-level charges attract bail amounts worth $10,000 or more

Penalties would also vary based on your past criminal record and any other offenses you're being accused of.

Domestic violence cases are often accompanied by other charges, as multiple federal statutes, like the Gun Control Act and the Violence Against Women Act were enacted to prevent domestic violence in the country. This implies that you should be concerned about facing charges of several offenses, not only domestic violence.

It's not easy to prepare or concentrate for such a complex case when you're locked up. That's why it's crucial to have a conversation with a professional bail bondsman to figure out what your next steps would be.

Charges of Felony Domestic Violence

Felony domestic violence cases carry far harsher penalties and could lead to a significantly higher bail amount, depending on the specifics of the alleged incident. The court takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously because it's a violent offense. If you are found guilty, then the court will probably not release you because letting you go puts other people in danger.

This might result in a higher bail amount, especially if you are being held on felony charges. The following are factors that lead to felony charges:

  • If any of the victims count as an "intimate partner"
  • Whether any of the victims are minors
  • If a weapon, especially a gun, was used to commit the offense
  • Whether or not the alleged offense occurred across the state lines.

A felony charge is more than likely if any of these circumstances apply to the offense you are accused of committing. If you're being held in jail on felony charges, your bond would be higher than it would be for a misdemeanor offense.

However, if you engage a Las Vegas bail bondsman, you'll only be required to pay a 15% premium, allowing you to cover even the most expensive bail.

How Nevada Courts Set Bail

When an individual is taken into custody for domestic violence allegations, the court refers to a bail schedule to decide how much bail to impose on the case. Domestic violence bail bonds can range from $3,000 for first-time offenders to $5,000 for repeat offenders. If the crime is a felony, the bail amount can go up to $10,000 or $20,000, based on the circumstances.

At bail proceedings, the victim is also allowed to participate and narrate what happened, as well as express their opinions on whether you pose a threat to them. Their testimony doesn't always influence the judge's ruling, but it has the capacity to do so. Because of this, the magistrate would decide to increase the bail amount, even if they had planned on imposing a lower amount.

The Bail Bonds Process

Domestic violence allegations can land you or a beloved one behind bars, and the last thing you need to stress about is getting out. Without the assistance of a professional bail bondsman, your odds of getting discharged from detention and resuming your life before court proceedings could be slim, regardless of the amount of bail set. That's where a bail bondsman comes in. When you engage a Las Vegas bail bonds company, they will walk you through the bail bonds procedure, from the time of your arrest until the bond is released.

An arrest is the first step in the bail bonds process. You'll be taken under police custody and processed for booking. During this stage, police officers will capture your mugshot and fingerprints and compile additional information related to the alleged offense.

A Las Vegas bail bondsman should be notified as soon as possible after you are locked into a holding cell so that he or she can begin processing your bail bond. Once the bail is set, you'll sign a bail agreement with your bail bondsman. By signing this agreement, you are guaranteeing your bail bondsman that you will attend all of your scheduled court hearings and pay them a non-refundable fee in exchange for their services.

After you sign this, the bail bondsman will head to the bail office to secure your release. Soon after that, you'll be freed from police custody. If you show up for all of your court proceedings, your bail bond would be released and the court would refund any money posted as bail. However, you will still need to pay the bail bondsman's premium.

Factors Affecting Bail Amounts

As a misdemeanor, domestic violence cases only require a base bail of $3,000, but based on the specifics of the case, this sum could potentially increase. The bond amount could be raised by tens of thousands of dollars, to a maximum of $20,000, when the complainant has suffered considerable harm or suffered a traumatic event relating to your matter.

Additionally, there are situations where bail can be raised even further, especially when the conditions of release are not adhered to. Having contact with a flexible Las Vegas bail bonds service is crucial when bail is a few thousand dollars, as they can assist with covering the costs.

When the bail amount is large, this bond could be the only way for the defendant to avoid further legal issues.

Whenever you have any queries about bail, you should consult with the domestic violence bail bondsman. They have extensive knowledge of the service they provide and of the judicial system generally. Receive the assistance you require to make sure that a loved one is released from custody as soon as possible.

Even if you lack the resources to cover the cost of bail, they shouldn't be forced to remain in custody. Your bail bondsman will be able to help you with this. They can provide consultations when you have any questions, or concerns, or are uncertain of the steps you can take to move forward with this matter.

Paying for Extra Costs Associated with Bail

The price of a bail bond typically includes not only the bail amount itself but also other different expenses. These particular bail bond charges are imposed by the Nevada state and are paid on top of the court-determined bail amount. You will need to pay more money to be released, which is an additional reason to look for a payment schedule or financing from a trustworthy Las Vegas bail bonds service.

Access to Payment and Financing Options

When it comes to domestic abuse, bail amounts often don't reach into the thousands of dollars, but there are exceptions. When the bond is set at a high amount, such as $50,000, it can seem impossible to find the funds to pay for it. Luckily, a reputable Las Vegas bail bonds company can provide you with prompt assistance.

Those in need of bail in Las Vegas can turn to a reputable Las Vegas bail bonds service for flexible repayment plans and bail financing options. This makes it simpler for individuals to leave custody and resume normal life because most of these plans just require little down payments. Nobody wants to spend time in jail while waiting for their case to be resolved.

Due to the high expense of bail, many people believe they have no choice but to go to jail, although this isn't always the case. Partnering with a reputable Las Vegas bail bondsman could assist you in being released from custody more quickly while also providing more handy assistance with your matter.

Get Assistance for Drug Addiction As well

In addition to posting bail, it is essential to receive treatment for underlying problems, like drug addiction, which led to your arrest in the first place. Therefore, in addition to providing a Las Vegas bail bonds service, a seasoned bail bondsman may provide access to services for addiction recovery. These programs can assist clients in living happier and more productive lives and avoiding further incarceration, while also helping them to comply with the addiction recovery obligations for their parole sentences.

Possible Repercussions for Non-Compliance

The bail bond could be canceled if the offender violates the terms and conditions of their release. This implies that the accused could be detained once more and, this time, could be imprisoned without the chance of making bail.

The guarantor will then be responsible for covering the full cost of the bail. The cosigner acknowledged this once they co-signed the bond, that's a binding legal document to which every signatory is subject.

Choosing the Best Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Being arrested or finding out that someone close to you is behind bars can be unsettling. You'll need to engage a qualified bail bondsman if you want to assist your loved one in getting out of custody while they wait to appear in court. Not all bail bondsmen are created equal. It's crucial to pick the best bail bondsman by getting referrals from your lawyer, or friends, or looking up reviews online. By working with a trustworthy bondsman, you may rest easy knowing that this entire situation is in good hands.

Find a Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service Near Me

Nobody enjoys being confined in jail. However, it could appear as though you are left with no option if you can't find a reputable and reasonable option for domestic violence bail bonds. Because of this, Express Bail Bonds strives to provide quick Las Vegas bail bonds service along with several repayment alternatives that enable clients to afford high bail amounts. Contact us today at 702-633-2245 for an exceptional experience.