It is common for people not to know what bail entails until their loved one or friend is arrested. After an arrest in Nevada, a defendant is booked into a jail cell while the prosecution files charges against them. Unless you committed a serious offense like murder or are a fugitive, you can secure a release on bail. Before the court sets your trial date and the prosecution gathers evidence of your case, you will be home, working, and spending time with family.

Additionally, you could meet your legal team to discuss defense strategies for your case. The judge presiding over your arraignment will determine the exact bail amount by reviewing different circumstances in your case. Posting bail is challenging for most people due to its high financial burden. However, you can avoid the hassle by contacting a surety company for assistance. At Express bail bonds, we will offer the financial assistance you need at a 15% fee. We serve clients seeking a bail bond in Henderson, NV.

Bail Bond Repayment Plan

Bail bonds are cheaper than bailing a loved one out of jail. However, there are times when the bail bond premium is too high for a defendant and their family to afford. Some bail bond service providers offer a repayment plan that allows you to secure a release from jail even when you cannot cause the full premium at once. A bail bond repayment plan can be a wireless transfer, money order, or credit card.

With the repayment plan, you must make a down payment and cover the balance in affordable installments. Different factors impact the amount you must pay for the plan:

  • Overall bail amount.  The larger the bail requested, the higher the down payment needed.
  • Ability to provide collateral. If you secure a bail bond using valuable collateral, the surety company could accept a lower down payment for your repayment plan.
  • Your credit score. As a co-signer, you are responsible for paying the bail bond premium. If you enter a repayment plan, your credit score dictates your ability to cover the balance.

You must understand that bail bond services do not accept all requests for a bail bond repayment plan. If your loved one has a criminal record or negative court appearance history, the surety company may mandate that you provide the full premium before they post bail.

Role of a Henderson Bail Bondsman

When you contact a surety bond company for assistance posting bail, they send a bail bondsman to handle your case. A bail bondsman is a licensed professional responsible for completing the legal processes of a bail release. Learning the following roles of the bail bondsman in your case helps you know what to expect from them:

Determine Bail Bond Eligibility

When a bail bondsman is assigned to your case, they must perform a background check on you and the defendant. The investigation aims to determine your eligibility for a bail bond based on the following factors:

  1. Ability to pay the premium. In Nevada, you must pay a non-refundable bail bond fee of 15%. The premium will be equally high in cases where the bail amount is high. The bail bondsman wants to ensure you have the funds to cover the premium at once or through a repayment plan. This could be done by checking your employment status, income, and credit score.
  2. Defendant’s flight risk. Before entering the bail bond agreement, your Henderson bail bondsman must obtain a copy of the defendant’s criminal record. This helps to determine whether the defendant has a history of skipping court dates. If a defendant fails to go to trial, the surety company could lose its money in a bail forfeiture. Therefore, your loved one’s flight risk is key to bail bond eligibility.

Filing paperwork

A bail bond is an agreement between a bail bond company, the court, and the bail bond co-signer. Therefore, numerous paperwork is necessary to complete the agreement. If you qualify for a bail bond, your bail bondsman will coordinate the process of filing these documents:

  • Bail bond application. A bail bond is not automatic. You must fill out an application form requesting the company bail out your loved one.
  • Promissory note. Financial matters are key to a bail bond agreement. The promissory note indicates the amount you must pay as a premium, provision of collateral, and other interest charges for a bail bond.
  • Terms and conditions. Each party involved in a bail bond agreement must play through the process. The bail bond terms and conditions document indicates your responsibility to ensure that the defendant is present for all scheduled court dates. Your financial responsibility and the consequences of failing to live up to the agreement are also indicated.

Before signing a bail bond agreement, you must ask questions about the process. Additionally, you need to understand the responsibility you will take for your loved one or friend.

Posting Bail

When you post property or cash bail, you must travel to the jail where your loved one is held to present the bail. However, individuals who utilize the Henderson Bail Bonds service will not need to be present when bail is posted. The bail bondsman goes to court to post the bail money once you make the initial payment for the bail bond premium. Your loved one will be released several hours after the full bail amount is posted.

Maintain Communication

Another role of a bail bondsman is to keep open communications between the bail bond agency, the court, and the defendant. Sometimes, the defendant may fail to understand what the court mandates as bail conditions. In this case, the bail bondsman will help the defendant avoid the violations. If there is a change in circumstances or if required to collect the bail bond premium, the bondsman must do it.

Ensuring that a Defendant Doesn’t Skip Bail

When a bail bondsman posts bail for a defendant, the court holds them responsible for ensuring that the defendant returns to court for trial or other criminal proceedings. Additionally, the bondsman will guide a defendant through the court-imposed bail conditions to avoid a violation. If the defendant fails to appear in court as expected, the bail bondsman will employ a bounty hunting service to find the defendant and avoid a bail bond forfeiture.

Methods of a Bounty Hunter in Nevada

Most people run to a bail bonds company after the arrest of their loved one. A Henderson Bail bonds company will make all the money necessary to ensure your loved one goes home with you. In exchange for the bail bond service, you must sign a contract stating that the defendant will not break any laws while out on bail and they will honor the bail conditions. The company’s money is at risk of forfeiture if a defendant skips bail.

The bail bondsman mitigates the risk of losing bail money by hiring bounty hunters to find defendants who attempt to flee the state or jurisdiction. Bounty hunters are normal people trained to find and apprehend defendants who jump bail before their court appearance. Most bounty hunters have a background in law enforcement and will be given access to your criminal records to help find you.

Your criminal records may show the contacts of family members and friends. The bounty hunters have the authority to use interviewing tactics and persuasion to convince their loved ones to give them up. These recovery agents also have the right to:

  • Review the details of your case and further investigate your crime.
  • Cross state lines to find defendants who flee to other states to avoid criminal charges in Nevada. However, the bounty hunter must understand the laws of the state and the scope of their responsibility.
  • Conduct surveillance on your home and work. Although the bounty hunters can follow you around and arrest you, they have no right to enter or search your home without police presence or a search warrant.
  • Gather evidence and analyze data about you.

Nevada has the most stringent rules on the requirements and rules that bounty hunters must follow during the recovery process. Bounty hunters can carry a Taser and a gun to protect themselves. Bail is offered for almost all defendants. Therefore, the recovery agent may be dealing with dangerous criminals.

The court is not quick to forfeit bail bonds. Thus, if you can be found within the specified time, the surety company can still recover its money from the court. If a surety company finds a defendant through a bounty hunter, you must pay additional fees for recovery. This can add to the financial burden you already have for the premium. Therefore, if you co-sign a bail bond for a loved one, you must support and encourage them to return for court proceedings.

Terminating a bail bond contract is allowed if you believe a loved one or find will not appear in court. For example, if you receive word that the offender plans to skip town after you post their bail, you can contact the bail bondsman and cancel the bail bond. This allows you to protect the property you put up as collateral and avoid responsibility for the defendant’s actions.

Bail for Foreign Tourists in Nevada

Many foreign tourists frequent Nevada each year. Criminal activity may be inevitable in a place designated for partying and having fun. While most tourists engage in illegal acts unknowingly, a lack of knowledge of the law is not an excuse to violate it. Common offenses that would prompt an arrest for a foreign tourist include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, prostitution, and drug use.

Due to the significant presence of law enforcement around the cities in Nevada, it is easier to face an arrest than most people think. Foreign nations may get into more trouble if they do not understand what’s happening. Sitting behind bars in a foreign state is one of the most devastating experiences.

Fortunately, the United States Constitution grants the right to bail to all US citizens, including foreign nationals. If you are an undocumented immigrant instead of a tourist, you will be transferred to the ICE department for deportation. You do not need to be in the same state as a person to post their bail. Therefore, a loved one can contact a Henderson bail bondsman to bail you out of jail.

Like bail for Nevada residents, the court will grant your release depending on the seriousness of your charges. A foreign tourist who commits a serious offense like murder or rape is likely to flee after a release on bail. Therefore, the court may order you to be held without bail. The court cannot deny your bail based on your non-resident status. Consequently, you must adjust your schedule to meet your court dates.

The conditions attached to a bail release are expensive and inconvenient for foreign nations. One of the most common conditions is the confiscation of your travel documents. This means that you must remain in Nevada until your trial is scheduled, which could take a while. This means you will need to find a temporary residence in the state.

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Bail ensures the release of criminal defendants while awaiting trial. The money provided in the bail agreement assures the court that a defendant will appear at their next court date. When the case ends and a defendant is convicted or released, the person who paid the bail can recover it. In addition to the monetary commitment, the court could impose other conditions on the release. Failure to appear in court or violating a bail condition can prompt rearrests and loss of the bail money.

A bail bondsman plays a significant role in securing a release from jail for defendants who cannot afford cash or property bail. Therefore, hiring and retaining a reliable Henderson Bail Bonds company through the bail process is essential. At Express bail bonds, professional and top-notch bail bondsmen can deliver the assistance you need. Call us at 702-633-2245 to discuss your situation.