Often, arrests are unforeseen occurrences in our daily lives. If you or your loved one gets arrested and held in custody, it is crucial to have the services of an experienced bail bondsman at your disposal as early as possible. Express Bail Bonds is among the most reliable and efficient bail bond agencies to help post your bail. Our bail bond service is available throughout the Logandale, NV area.

Understanding Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail is the amount of money which acts as insurance between a defendant and the court. This ensures that the defendant will appear in court on the hearing date. The defendant can choose to pay the bail in cash or use a property bond. However, most bail amounts are too high, and most defendants may not afford to pay the required amounts. Thus, seeking the help of bail bondsmen is crucial in such cases.

A bail bond is a surety bond provided by a surety bond company through the bail bondsman to secure a release for you or your loved one at a service fee. The bail bondsman can either provide a criminal bail bond for criminal cases as a guarantee to pay fines or penalties, or a civil bail bond as an assurance that debts and costs against the defendants are paid.

A licensed bail bondsman in the Logandale, NV area will often charge you a 15% of the total bail money as a service fee. Sometimes to get a bail bond, you will require a cosigner who is expected to have a good credit score; they should be responsible, reliable and have a good job history. These qualities will give you a better chance to secure the bond regardless of the amount set.

To secure bail for your loved one through a bail bondsman, some information about the defendant will be required including their full names, the date of arrest, the facility they are held in and the amount of money needed to get their release. To ensure the process of release runs smoothly, you need to gather the required information before contacting the bail bondsman.

Factors Considered when Setting Bail Money

A judge has various options when setting bail. He/she can choose to stick to the standard amount in the bail schedule, increase the amount, decrease it or even entirely deny bail for a defendant. However, each case is handled differently depending on the factors below:

The seriousness of the alleged crime

The more serious the crime is, the more significant the amount of bond the court is likely to set for you. In the case of very serious crimes such as attempted murder and rape on a minor, bail could get denied altogether.

The risk to public safety

When setting bail for a defendant, the court examines the impact of the defendant’s release to the community. If you are a threat to yourself or someone else, the amount of bail set could be too high for you to afford.

Flight risk

Some criminal defendants are likely to disappear and fail to show up for court hearings after they are released on bail. The judge could set a high bail amount that could make the defendant avoid fleeing and forfeit the huge bail money. Defendants with a high risk of fleeing include individuals with other pending cases and defendants who have a history of failing to appear to court.

Posted bail schedules

Bail schedules are the lists that align crimes with the specific amount of bail to be paid by defendants accused of this crime. However, the judge may decide to alter that amount depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.

The defendant’s ties to the community

Individuals who have significant investment or have their families living around the Logandale, NV area are likely to get a lower amount of bail since they have a lower flight risk compared to those with no community ties. Besides, having a permanent job can increase a defendant’s chance of getting a lower bail.

Where Does my Bail Money Go?

Bailing a loved one out may be quite expensive, and you may not always have the money to pay a cash bail. However, seeking the services of a surety bond company is the best option when it comes to this process since it is cheaper and faster. Once the bail bondsman posts bail bond for you, the only cost you incur is often the 15% premium fees and giving collateral for the rest of the amount.

When the defendant appears for the hearing, and the case gets concluded, the surety bond company will get their money back and in return give back your rights to the item or property you gave as collateral.

If you paid a cash bail, you will get refunded in full after the defendant makes an appearance in court. Note that a bail bond is not a form of punishment for the defendant; therefore, even when the defendant is found guilty and sentenced, the amount will be released to the person who posted the bail bond. If the individual doesn’t show up or gets rearrested when they are out on bail, the bail money gets forfeited.

The use of a property bond to secure the release of your loved one means that the real property value was offered as an exchange for the defendant’s release. On conclusion of the case, the property bond is treated as cash bail. If the defendant fails to show up, the property is legally seized.

How to Get Bail Bond Service Near Me

The process of bailing out a loved one from jail is quite evolving, and your greatest worry would be lacking the amount required to post bail. Fortunately for you, the Express Bail Bonds is ready to walk you through the process of securing the freedom of your loved one. Our bail bondsmen are well versed with bail procedure; hence, will give you the best consultation and representation to ensure this process runs smoothly. If you are in Logandale, NV, you can get our bail bond service by contacting 702-633-2245 today!