After a bail bonds company has secured your release from detention, it’s emphasized by the bail bondsman that you show up in court on the scheduled dates. Unfortunately, many things can happen to prevent you from appearing in court.  Whether you have mixed up the court dates or fell sick last minute, it’s critical to understand what happens when you miss a court date in Las Vegas, NV, so that you can avoid or correct the problem that caused you not to appear in court.

Understanding Failure to Appear in Court

After being arrested or detained in Nevada for a specific offense, you will not stay in jail for an extended duration. The court might release you on your own recognizance, or a bail bond service might secure your release. In exchange for going back to your everyday life, the court schedules court dates. Not showing up in court on the court’s specific date and time will delay the case and affect your bail bond and result in criminal ramifications.

What Happens When You Miss a Court Date?

Failed to appear in court after securing release on bail? Below are the things that will happen:

  1. The Court Issues a Bench Warranty for Your Apprehension

After failing to appear in court, the judge hearing your case issues a Nevada bench warrant. The warrant is a document issued giving authority for a legal proceeding or action against you in Las Vegas. The warranty will be used to search for you at home or place of work. Law enforcement authorities are also given the power to arrest and bring you before the court to answer your charges.

Take note that if thirty days pass without your defense attorney getting the warrant suppressed or surrendering, the District Attorney has the authority to file extra charges against you. A conviction for failure to appear in court can result in 48 months jail incarceration in a Nevada prison and fines no more than five thousand dollars. The last thing you want is to have an apprehension warrant dangling above your head because you can be arrested at any time. The best approach to resolve the matter is by showing up the court.

Surrendering to law enforcement is not the best idea because they will arrest and detain you before the judge hears your case. Chances of being denied bail after a bench warrant has been issued are high, so, instead of surrendering, reach out to your counsel right away. An attorney will request a bench warrant return hearing to explain to the court why you missed a court date. The judge is likely to recall the warrant and reschedule the court hearing to another date.

If you had been charged with a felony, failed to appear in court more than once, or have an extensive criminal record, you must be present during your bench warrant return hearing. Otherwise, the judge might not recall the warrant.

  1. Your Bail Bonds Company Will Send a Bounty Hunter After You

Before securing a release from jail, you must post bail. The majority of Nevada defendants rely on bail bond services to get out of jail, awaiting their court date. If you are released on bail, you only pay a fraction of the bail amount, and the bail bond company will take care of the rest. However, if you fail to appear in court, the bail bonds company will send a bounty hunter or agent after you to collect the remainder of the amount and take you back to custody.

Usually, bail bond companies will require you to put up collateral. The collateral acts as security so that in case you fail to show up in court, they can seize your property and convert it into cash to clear the bond amount. Supposed the collateral isn’t enough to pay the full amount, the company will sue you to force you to pay the remaining amount. Simultaneously, the company might send a bounty hunter to make an arrest.

In this case, a bounty hunter is obligated by the law to find you and return you to court after failing to appear in court. Take note that an arrest by a bounty hunter is similar to the one made by police officers. So, the last thing you want is to run away after failing to appear in court. Instead, you should reach out to the company that will secure your release. A bail bonds agent can team up with you to avoid the ramifications of missing a court date.

Call the bonds agent and make your reasons for missing the scheduled court date be known to them. Further, you should inform them that your legal counsel is handling the matter and organizing a fresh court date. By doing this, you reduce the odds of these people pursuing you. Besides, bond dealers can cancel your bail in the event you fail to appear in court. Although the likelihood of them doing so is minimal after only missing one court date, the chances increase if you miss court dates multiple times.

The Action You Need to Take to Redeem Yourself

It’s possible to redeem yourself after failing to show up on your court date, but you will need to act fast. You will be subject to lesser consequences if you take action before thirty days are over after a judge has issued a bench warrant.

Your first step should be reaching out to your bail bonds agent to know the next course of action. In case of a valid reason for not appearing in court, share with the agent who will then proceed to hire an attorney on your behalf. The attorney will work hard to convince the judge to reinstate the bond. However, not reaching out to the company will cause more harm than good.

Find a Bail Bonds Company Near Me

In case you have been arrested or detained in Las Vegas, NV, and don’t want to extend your stay in jail, you will need to post bail. Fortunately, Express Bail Bonds is available to secure your release quickly and avoid delays in payment that might cause further inconveniences. Call us today at 702-633-2245 if you need to secure a release from jail.