When Can a Police Officer Pull You Over for a Crime?

As a driver, you most likely have been pulled over by police at some point in time. A traffic stop is a detention, and although you haven’t been arrested, you are not free to leave. The police...

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What to Do When You are Arrested in Las Vegas

Getting arrested is the last thought in every person's mind. No one is ever well-prepared for an arrest. For many people, the officer strikes when they least expect. For that reason, there is always...

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7 Things that Could Get You Arrested in a Vegas Casino

1. Avoid illegal drugs To have fun in Vegas, you do not need to possess, buy, sell or use illegal drugs. Doing so will result in a Class E felony. Las Vegas is known for its harsh and extremely...

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Find a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Near Me

Life can sometimes take you by surprise with unexpected occurrences that result in arrests, even if you're not prepared to bear the repercussions. During these trying times, you'll want access to the full bail amount to obtain your release from detention. Getting in touch with Express Bail Bonds can place you on the path to accessing easy and trouble-free bail bond services.

With more than twenty years of experience, we are familiar with the various systematic processes that any person in custody would go through. We strive to provide timely outcomes, such as your discharge from police custody. If you or someone you know requires the Las Vegas bail bonds service, contact us at 702-633-2245.