Posting bail assures the court that you will stick around until a court date is set and you appear for trial. Your bail amounts may vary significantly, even when you have committed a similar offense with another defendant. This is because the judges set bail based on your case's criminal record and other circumstances. Failure to appear for trial can cause the loss of your bail money through a forfeiture. Not all defendants can post bail. Some people will secure a without monetary commitment, while others are held without bail.

When a defendant qualifies for a bail release, the next step is figuring out how to pay the money. If you have the financial capacity or enough assets, you can post bail in cash or property. For individuals who cannot raise the bail money, you will need an Enterprise Bail Bonds company to post bail. The company posts bail for your loved one at a reasonable fee. If your loved one is held in a jail cell in Enterprise, NV, we invite you to contact us at Express bail bonds.

How Does the Bail Bonds System Benefit the Society?

Bail bond companies play a significant role in ensuring that defendants who cannot afford a cash bail have an equal chance at securing release before trial. The company is responsible for ensuring that the defendant is present for trial. When the court case ends, the company will recover its money from the court. If you seek a bail bond for a loved one, your financial responsibility towards the release is diminished. Additionally, you will receive expert guidance.

The following are some ways through which the bail bonds system benefits society:

     1. Reduce jail Overcrowding

Bail amounts are very high, especially for defendants facing serious criminal charges or those with an extensive criminal history. Raising cash bail for most defendants is close to impossible. Therefore, a bail bond is their only chance at an early release. With the bail bonds system, the jail cells could be more manageable. Reducing overcrowding in jail saves the courts money that can be used to pursue more severe offenses.

     2. Maintain the Integrity of Defendants

Not all individuals who face an arrest will be convicted in Nevada. Often, you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution files criminal charges even with the slightest evidence, like an anonymous tip. Sitting behind bars and later being released after the dismissal of your case or lack of enough evidence can be challenging. You may have lost your job or missed time with your family.

With a bail bond, you can quickly be released until the court sets a trial date and the outcome of your case is determined.

     3. Bail Bonds Encourage Timely Court Appearances

Research has shown that individuals who secure a release on bail bonds are 20% more likely to appear for training than defendants who post a cash or property bond. One of the reasons why bail bonds encourage court appearances is the presence of multiple parties responsible for the defendant. Failure to appear for trial can harm the cosigner and the bail bondsman. Therefore, these individuals will work to ensure that the defendant doesn't skip bail.

If a defendant flees, the Enterprise bail bondsman will hire a bounty hunter to find them and return them to court to face the consequences of their actions.

Common Bail Misconceptions in Nevada

The bail process could be more straightforward for individuals with experience. Often, you may base your worries upon the information you receive from others, which is only sometimes true. The following are common bail misconceptions that might help you realize that the situation is not as bad as you think:

You Must Wait in Jail Until your Trial Date is Set.

The thought of sitting behind bars is complex for most individuals and their families. Many people believe you must sit in jail until the court sets your trial date, which is not the case immediately after your arrest. The judge will hold a bail hearing where the amount needed for your release is set. The faster you come up with the bail money, the quicker you secure a release.

In Nevada, arrests occur every day. Therefore, jails and courts have a high workload. This can delay your case for weeks or even months. By posting bail, you can go home and be with your family as the prosecution gathers enough evidence and the trial date is set. Even when you do not have enough money for bail, you can secure a release through the help of an Enterprise bail bonds company.

Bail Bond is Expensive

Bailing a loved one out of jail brings significant financial struggles. Since most arrests are unexpected, most people do not have money set aside to deal with the issue. Compared to presenting the total bail amount for cash bail, seeking a bail bond service lowers your financial burden toward the release of a loved one.

Most Enterprise bail bond companies charge 15% of the total bail amount as a service fee. This amount is easier to raise, and they can offer a repayment plan. A bail bond repayment plan allows you to cover the premium in installments. This makes bail bonding the cheapest option to secure a release from jail before trial. Therefore, you should be bold in using a bail bond service because it is expensive.

You do not Need an Attorney During Bail Posting.

The bail bondsmen are always on top of the bail posting process. However, you may need the guidance of a skilled attorney too. Your lawyer can help you file a motion to reduce or eliminate bail. Additionally, contacting a lawyer after an arrest allows you to receive referrals for bail bond companies that offer the best services in the area.

If a bail bond company requires collateral or you wish to offer a property bond for a release, a lawyer may lay a significant role. They could ensure that your assets are safe and the process of proving property ownership is smooth.

You Must Wear an Ankle Bracelet After a Release on Bail

An ankle bracelet helps police officers locate offenders and is sometimes a condition of bail release. However, this condition does not apply to all defendants. When the judge decides to attach bail conditions to your release, they will consider different factors of your case, including your criminal history and flight risk.

You are likely to be issued an ankle bracelet if you are a flight risk, have committed a serious offense, or have a history of skipping bail. When you work with a surety company, the Enterprise bail bondsman can assure the court that you will appear for trial, eliminating the requirement for an ankle monitor.

You will have to Wait Several Days for an Available Bail Bonds Company.

Unlike in cash bail, where you have to wait in long lines at the court to present the money, many bail bond companies are waiting to offer the bail posting service. The only task you have is ensuring that your company of choice has licensed bondsmen and they are reliable.

If you contact a bail bonds company and there is no one to receive the call and attend to you, you should not assume they are busy and wait around as your loved one rots in jail. Bail bond companies operate at different hours. Therefore, you should contact the next company on your list. Having a company that is available every time you call assures you that they will be on top of our case and ensure a faster release for the defendant.

It is Illegal to Bail Someone out of Jail

Learning that a loved one or friend has been arrested can be a trying experience. The arrest can take a toll on your entire family. Therefore, it is a major misconception that you cannot bail someone out. Since the person behind bars cannot contact a bail bonds company for help, that responsibility may fall on you. You act as their cosigner when you seek a bail bond for another person. 

You can cosign a bail bond for anyone, including coworkers, friends, or loved ones. However, the bail bond company may consider individuals with a close relationship with the defendant. Cosigning a bail bond involves numerous responsibilities you must understand before entering the agreement. One of the primary responsibilities is paying the premium for the bail bond.

Additionally, if the surety company mandates that collateral accompanies the bail bond, you must present property or another valuable item. Before entering a bail bond contract for a friend or loved one in jail, you must understand that their actions will affect your financial life and reputation. You can terminate the bail bond agreement if you suspect that the defendant plans to flee.

All Bail Fees Must Be Paid Upfront.

Sometimes, 15% of the bail money charged as a premium by bail bond companies is more than you can afford. You should not sit around and allow your loved one to sit in jail as you try to find the full premium fee. A reliable Enterprise bail bonds company will allow you to make a bail repayment plan. This allows you to pay a certain percentage of the premium as a down payment and cover the remainder in more affordable installments. The more you can pay as a down payment, the higher your chances of making a repayment plan.

You must Travel to the State Where the Defendant is Held to Bail Them Out.

You are only required to be preempted for bail posting if you wish to present cash bail to the court clerk. However, if you live in a different state and learn that your loved one has been arrested in Nevada, you should not waste money traveling to bail them out. Contacting a Nevada-based bail bond company can ensure your loved one's release.

Once you have entered the bail bonds agreement, the bail bondsman will go to court and post the bail. Additionally, they will ensure that the defendant appears for trial to save their money from a bail bond forfeiture.

You Must Provide Collateral for a Bail Bond

A common bail bond myth that discourages individuals from obtaining a bail bond service is that collateral is a mandatory part of the contract. The bail bond company may ask you to provide collateral if there is evidence proving that your loved one or friend has violated a court order or failed to appear after bail. Additionally, this could be a requirement if you enter a bail bond repayment plan and the company is unsure of your ability to cover the entire premium.

If you have questions about the bail process and bail bonds, you should contact a surety company for assistance instead of relying on unproven information.

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It would be a harrowing experience to have you or your loved one sit behind bars after an arrest. Whether you are arrested for DUI, theft, domestic violence, or other severe crimes, you want to be with your family at this difficult time. After an arrest, the court will allow you to secure a release as long as you post bail. By posting bail, the defendant pledges to the court that they will not escape their legal obligations.

You can post bail in cash, check, or credit card. However, the high bail amounts set in the State pushed most defendants and their families to opt for a bail bond. Posting a bail bond means contacting a surety company for financial assistance and expert guidance. Dealing with an arrest in the family is already very difficult. Therefore, you want to work with a fast and reliable company.

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