Many locals and tourists in Las Vegas are arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance (drug possession) and face heavy fines and/or lengthy prison terms if convicted on these charges. Getting out of jail on a bail bond is critical to adequately preparing for your case, and it is important to understand some key elements of how drug possession DUIs work in Nevada.

How the Bail Is Set

Since drug possession is usually chargeable as a felony in Nevada, you can expect a relatively high bail amount, likely $10,000 or more, though the exact number is determined at the bail hearing, where the judge will consider the type of drug involved, past criminal history, and the type of possession alleged in setting bail. In Nevada, there are three types of drug possession:

  • Actual Possession: the drugs were found on your person
  • Constructive Possession: the drugs were stored and under your control
  • Joint Possession: multiple persons possessed the drugs in question

If you are a tourist, the bail will also be set higher to reduce the risk of your failing to attend your court hearings.

How to Get Out on a Bond

After being arrested and booked at a nearby jail, you will be eligible for release on bail. To minimize the time spent behind bars, contact a local bail bonds agent immediately following the arrest. It will usually take only 20 to 30 minutes to arrange the bond, and a mobile bonds agent can quickly come to your aid.

A one-time fee of 15% of the bail amount will be needed to secure the bond, but most bail bond services will work with you by offering payment plans and accepting multiple forms of collateral.

The Importance of PCS Bail Bonds

In possession of controlled substance (PCS) cases, bail bonds are of particular importance since a felony charge is involved. Unless you get out of jail fast, you could be arraigned within days instead of within a month, and it will be nearly impossible to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney and build a solid defense. If convicted, the consequences could include:

  • For possession of drugs scheduled I through V, you can get one to six years in state prison and a fine of up to $20,000.
  • For possessing drug paraphernalia, you face up to six months' jail time and a maximum fine of $1,000.
  • Even if charges are dismissed in a Nevada Drug Court or reduced to a misdemeanor, there will be drug education classes, rehab, probation, and community service.
  • A PCS conviction on your criminal record will make it difficult to find future employment and to enroll in institutions of higher education.

A possession of a controlled substance bail bond is frequently the only practical way to get out of jail, and it is superior in some ways to the other options even when they exist. For example, if you are late for a court appointment after paying a cash bond, there is not a possibility of having the bond restored if the judge declares it forfeited—not so with a surety (bail) bond, though reinstatement is totally at the judge's own discretion. The most important benefit of a bail bond, however, is that it allows you to get out of jail after paying only a fraction of the total bail amount, which is purposefully set very high to discourage flight from justice.

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