Bail is a process that enables detained persons to gain freedom from jail while their case is still in progress or is pending. The bail process entails placing a certain amount of money with the court to ensure that the defendant will show up in court later after the release. The court keeps the money until the completion of all court processes. After the court processes end, the court returns the bail money to the person or company who posted it. If you require bail service in Southwest Las Vegas, Express Bail Bonds can assist you.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond entails making a promise and paying some money to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court at a court-appointed date. If a defendant does not attend future court proceedings, the court will retain the bail money. The court also issues a warrant of arrest if the defendant fails to show up.

How can you pay for bail?

There are many ways of paying for bail. If you have enough cash, you make a bail payment with your money. You pay the money directly to the detention facility. Once the legal process if over, you will get a refund of the money through a check.

At times, you may not have enough money to pay bail. You can seek the help of a bail bondsman to pay the bail for you. Also known as a surety bond, a bail bond entails hiring a bail bondsman to pay the bond on your behalf. Accessing a bail bond service in Southwest Las Vegas is easy. You have to contact a bail bondsman with your name and the name of the jail holding you. The licensed bail bondsman will locate you at the detention facility. The bail bondsman will then contact the detention facility and confirm the amount of bail payable. The bail bondsman will proceed to complete the necessary paperwork to ensure that you gain freedom from jail.

Understanding the Bail Process

The first stage of the bail process is an arrest.  During the arrest, the police take you into custody, place you in a police vehicle, and transfer you to jail. In Nevada, the largest and the most used prison is the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. This detention facility houses over 1,000 people.  At times, the police may release you without filing charges. However, if the police file charges against you, you have to remain in custody until you post bail.

Booking, an administrative process follows an arrest. During this process, the police will perform a series of tasks. For instance, the police will take your photo and record your personal information. The police will also record your fingerprints and take any physical possessions you may have. 

After arrest and booking, the police may release you if you make a written notice promising to appear in court later. The police may also release you if you pay the bail amount. The police may continue holding you until the court holds a bail hearing and your bail bondsman posts bail on your behalf.

Getting Out of Jail

There are four ways of getting out of jail.  First, you may get out of jail through your own recognizance. You would have to involve the Nevada Pretrial Services to make a recommendation for your release in court. For a release on your own recognizance, you do not have to pay the bail amount. You sign some documents and promise to show up in court.

The second way of getting out of jail is through a cash bond. This is the fastest way of getting out of jail. You can use this method if you have enough money to post bail.

You can gain freedom from jail through a surety bond. You can seek a bail bond service if the bail amount is too high and you cannot be able to raise it alone. The bail bondsman will pay the entire bail amount for you. You may have to use a co-signer. Together with the co-signer, you put up collateral if you fail to show up for all court proceedings.

For a grave crime with high bail amounts, you may put up your home or other property to cover the bail amount for you to get out of jail.  This is different from putting up collateral. In this case, the property, from Nevada, guarantees the entire bail amount. In addition, you must have enough equity to cover the bail amount. This bail option is the most complicated; it takes the most time and requires the most paperwork. 

Can You Apply for Bail Bond on Phone?

 Yes, it is possible to seek a bail bond service in Southwest Las Vegas over the phone. You only need to supply the bail bondsman with all the necessary information about you or the arrested person. You will need to put your signature on a few documents. The bail bondsman may email the documents to you or bring them to you in person.

Several documents may be necessary when you are applying for a bail bond. The documents may include your information form. The bail bondsman may also request a form outlining how you plan to repay the bail amount. Other documents include a form authorizing payment processing. Also necessary is a detailed form outlining all future court dates and client responsibilities. You can have all these forms sent to you via email or by fax.

How Much Does Bail Cost?

You may be wondering about how much it will cost you to get a bail bond in Southwest Las Vegas. According to Nevada law, a bail bond company cannot charge you more than 15% of your entire bail amount. Therefore, for a bail set at $2,000, the cost of bail is $300 or less. All bail bondsmen in the state of Nevada are under the regulation of the department of insurance.  Unlike bail collateral, the 15% bail bondsman's fee is not refundable. This is a payment for the services rendered by the bail bondsman irrespective of the outcome of your case. 

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