Bail is expensive and can make it challenging for your family, especially if you are the breadwinner. Bail bonds allow you to secure a release for 15% of your total bail cost and return to your work and loved ones while working through the Nevada criminal justice system. Express Bail Bonds understands that you are facing challenges and can make the process secure and fast to ease your mind.

We are also a 24/7 East Las Vegas bail bonds service provider offering affordable and flexible payment plans.

What is the Purpose of Bail?

You can pay bail to secure your release when accused of an offense. Bail neither serves to punish you nor raises money for your state. Instead, it acts as an agreement that secures your presence at mandatory legal proceedings.

Bail is determined during a bail hearing where your defense attorney and the prosecutor argue for and against granting bail. Then the judge considers the following factors to determine the appropriate bail amount:

  • Community ties (how long you have lived in the community, your family dynamics, whether you have a stable job or own an enterprise)
  • The seriousness and nature of the alleged crime
  • Whether you are likely to flee your state after the release
  • Whether you pose a threat to yourself and your community
  • Your possibility of being charged with another crime after your release
  • Your criminal records, including records of missing your court hearings

Can Your Bail Amount be Lowered?

Yes, it can. Your criminal defense attorney can request the court to lower your bail by filing a motion with the court. The legal expert knows what law to present and arguments to make to convince the judge to reduce your bail amount.

During your bail hearing, your attorney should prove that you do not threaten the community and will not become a fugitive.

To verify you are not a risk to any person, the lawyer would present proof that you:

  • Do not have a previous criminal record
  • Are not on parole or probation and do not have an outstanding warrant
  • Have not been charged with a violent offense
  • Have good reputation
  • Did not have a firearm during your arrest

And to prove that you will not become a fugitive, your lawyer would claim that you:

  • Have robust community ties like stable employment, owning a business, and volunteering in the community
  • Are ready to surrender your passport and driver’s license
  • Are ready to put on a GPS tracker
  • Do not have a history of skipping bail
  • Have never failed to attend your mandatory court hearings
  • Do not have an immigration issue

Moreover, your attorney can also recommend imposing bail conditions and terms to persuade a reluctant judge to grant lower bail. Common bail conditions include:

  • Restricted travel
  • Not contacting the alleged victim(s)
  • Not drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Refraining from going to specific locations or interacting with certain people
  • Home arrest

How to Post Bail

Discussed below are different ways of securing your release in East Las Vegas:

Cash Bail

The defendant should post their total bail amount to the court to be released on cash bail. Depending primarily on the court’s policies, you can pay the bail via traveler’s check, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash.

The court will refund this amount once your case is resolved provided, you make all court appearances. If you skip bail, the court will forfeit the money.

Bail Bonds

People who cannot afford to raise their bail usually hire a East Las Vegas bail bondsman for 15% of their bail amount. In exchange, the bond company functions as a surety and pays the entire amount to the court. So, if the required bail amount is forty-five thousand dollars, you will pay a premium of four thousand and five hundred dollars.

Please note that the premium is non-refundable regardless of whether you made all court appearances and the case outcome.

Property Bond

You can use your asset(s) to post bail if you do not have enough cash. Property bonds mean a pledge of unencumbered equity in an asset within the state that guarantees your bond. For the asset to be accepted, its equity should be more than the bail amount. Typical properties used include homes, stocks, and motor vehicles.

If you violate your bail conditions or miss a court date, the court has the right to foreclose your asset. The court will recover your bail amount owed from the proceedings. If the foreclosure sale does not result in an amount that meets or exceeds the total bail cost, you will be accountable for footing the difference.

Own Recognizance Release

With an own recognizance release, the judge releases you from detention without posting bail or securing bail bonds. To be granted the O.R. release, you and your defense lawyer should request the release during your bail hearing or at arraignment.

Typically, judges grant the O.R. release in less severe criminal cases, provided the accused does not threaten their community’s safety or is less likely to flee town.

Reasons Why the Judge Might Deny You Bail

Although you can post bail and avoid spending time behind bars while awaiting trial, sometimes the judge can deny bail. These instances include:

You Have Committed a Severe Crime

The court will deny you bail if you have been charged with serious criminal activity. It includes offenses like kidnapping, rape, and murder. It is because the court thinks you are more likely to get into more legal trouble if set free. You pose a risk to your community and could end up injuring yourself and others.

You Are a Repeat Offender

If you have a criminal record or are on probation or parole, it will not reflect well on you and will give the court no choice but to deny bail.

You are a Flight Risk

Whether you will flee town after your release is something the judge carefully considers when determining whether to grant bail. And they will deny you bail if they believe there are even minimal possibilities of failing to show up when required. The last thing the judge wants is to release a defendant and then order law enforcers to find the fugitive.  

Your criminal defense lawyer should present relevant evidence proving that you will not flee your state or county.

Additionally, your lawyer can call witnesses like your counselors, religious leaders, landlords, relatives, friends, employers, and colleagues to vouch for your character.

You are Mentally Impaired

If you looked mentally impaired while making a court appearance, the court might not grant bail. Typically, the court will request a mental health evaluation before considering bail.

You should give the judge details about your mental wellness if the issue arises. It could accelerate the process and make bail a possibility.

You Were Disrespectful to the Judge

Yelling at the court or engaging in disrespectful conduct is enough for the judge to deny your bail.

Benefits of Working with a Skilled East Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service

A bondsman can offer you various advantages over dealing with the court directly.

First, most defendants are not knowledgeable about the bond process and need to learn the right questions to ask and to whom. A bondman’s acquaintance with the process can aid expenditure release. Other benefits include the following:

You have a Person to Hold You Accountable

If you miss your court date, the court will forfeit the entire amount. It is in your bondsman’s best interest for all defendants to attend all court hearings and abide by their terms of release. It is how they receive a refund of the bail posted to the court.

If you need help remembering appointments or have challenges sticking to schedules, your bond company can help.

You can Repay Your Bond Over Time

When you borrow funds from a loved one, they set their repayment terms. If they require the amount in a couple of days, you should return it as quickly as possible.

With a seasoned East Las Vegas bail bondsman, you can repay the firm over time. The company will work with you to determine the best payment plan. Remember, the amount you pay depends primarily on your set bail amount. The larger your bail amount, the more you will cover with every payment.

After you begin making payments, ensure you make them in full and on time. If you are going through challenges, notify the East Las Vegas bondsman immediately. Otherwise, the company will cease the property you used as collateral.

It is Cost Effective

When you hire a bail bonds service, the bondsman pays your entire bail amount, and you do not have to repay them. Instead, you are only responsible for 15% of your bail.

For many defendants, the premium is relatively low, lower than taking out a loan or paying bail using a credit card.

You Can Return to Work

Every day you spend detained is a time of work missed. The more work you miss, the higher the chances of your employer employing a new worker to pick up the slack.

When you contact an East Las Vegas bail bondsman, they can secure your release promptly, allowing you to return to work as soon as possible. It also helps you become a productive member of society. 

You Can Build Your Criminal Case from Your Home’s Comfort

If you work with your criminal defense attorney while in jail, consulting with them face-to-face or attending in-person appointments is challenging. Although you can communicate over the phone, most prisons record and monitor inmate phone calls.

Being detained also hinders you from assisting the lawyer in gathering evidence.

Additionally, you will not have your loved ones’ support. Their support is essential when undergoing stress related to your criminal charge.

You Do Not Have to Reveal Your Financial Details

Bail is expensive. And if the judge becomes suspicious about where you obtained your entire bail amount, they can order investigations into your finances. Ultimately, you could end up with another criminal charge.

With your bond service, your financial details remain confidential. The bondsman will post bail on your behalf and will not ask about your finances.

Prompt Release Hence Greater Convenience

Since seasoned bond companies are acquainted with the Nevada bail process, they have strong professional relationships with the justice system personnel. It can result in a prompt release, allowing you to take care of family issues, build your case defense, and return to work.

You Will Receive a More Humane Treatment

While the Nevada judicial system has good personnel, their indifference can sometimes lead to failure to treat defendants with dignity.

On the other hand, a bail bond service will not consider you a criminal. Instead, you are worthy of excellent customer service and treatment. Your bondsman comes from a place of helping you.

Online East Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Online bail bonds are bonds acquired from a bondsman by signing paperwork electronically. The process is secure, confidential, and prompt. They are ideal for relatives who wish to assist during the crisis but are too far to make a trip to the detaining jurisdiction or bondsman’s office.

You can complete all documents online and sign via fax, email, or DocuSign, whatever is convenient for you.

To bail a loved one, you should provide information about your detained relative, like their name, address, and date of birth. Your email address, telephone number, and address will be necessary to process the paperwork. If you need to develop a payment plan, the bondsman will require you to provide your employment details. Finally, the bondsman can ask for the defendant’s social media handles. It allows the company to contact the accused after their release to ensure they understand their responsibility to satisfy their pretrial release terms.

Since the bail bond costs can be more than you can raise, many seasoned East Las Vegas bondsmen offer flexible plans. To obtain a payment plan, you need an indemnitor and collateral to secure your bond loan.

Depending on your bondsman, you can make a down payment using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, bank wire transfer, or cash deposited at a significant banking chain.

While it can be uncomfortable to submit your information online, Express Bail Bonds ensures the process is conducted over secure networks and clients’ details are not shared with anyone outside the process.

East Las Vegas Courthouse, Jail, and Police Department Contact Details

Supreme Court of Nevada

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Las Vegas Justice Court

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Clark County Detention Center

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Las Vegas Police Department

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