Seeking release from jail entails following various procedures, including posting bail. You may be released by own recognizance or cash bail, or you may be required to go through a bail hearing in court to determine if you are eligible for bail. After the bail determination, we at Express Bail Bonds in East Las Vegas will help post the required bail amount so that you are released from jail as soon as possible.

Overview of Bail Bonds

Bail is a legal process that allows you to get out of jail while your criminal case is still pending. Bail entails posting a certain amount of money with the court as a guarantee that you will appear for a scheduled court date. The court holds the bail money until all the court proceedings are complete. Upon the completion of the court proceedings, the bail money is returned to the person or the bail bondsman who posted it.

A bail bondsman can pay the bail amount for you if you cannot afford to pay in cash. The bail bondsman delivers the money to the jail on your behalf. Once the jail receives the bond money, you are released from custody.

Several procedures are applicable in getting an arrestee out of an East Las Vegas jail. They include:

  • Own Recognizance - For an own recognizance release, you do not have to pay bail money. However, the Nevada Pretrial Services must request or recommend your release. If the court approves your release, you sign some documents and commit yourself to appear for all the scheduled court dates.

  •  A cash bond - This is an easy way to regain freedom as long you can raise the bail amount in cash. You or your co-signer may provide the cash. In some instances, however, using all your cash to secure bail may pose challenges, as you may not have enough money to hire an attorney to represent you in court.

  •  A surety bond - This is the most commonly used method of securing freedom after an arrest. It entails having a bail bondsman pay the bail for you at a fee.

  • Property bonds - These are common for crimes of high magnitude. An offender or a co-signer may put up properties, including homes, to cover the bail amount. A property bond is not the same as collateral; the bond property should be valuable to cover the entire bail amount. The property used must be within the State of Nevada. As the property owner, you must have enough equity to meet the bail amount. The property bail option entails a lot of paperwork and may take longer to finalize compared to cash or surety bonds. In case of bail forfeiture, the court may dispose of the property to cover the bail amount.

How Much Does Bail Bond Cost?

The law strictly regulates all the bail bonds service providers, including the pricing of their services. According to the law, a bail bondsman cannot charge you more than 15% of the total bail amount.

Usually, bail bond cost in East Las Vegas, Nevada, is $50 or 15% of the bail amount, whichever is greater. The law requires all bondsmen to be authorized as insurers in Nevada and to obtain a license. With the bail bond cost set at 15%, you are sure of the cost of bail irrespective of the bail bonds service provider you choose. For example, if your bail is set at $1,000, the applicable bail cost is $150. However, you need to choose wisely as different providers may have different rules to follow upon your release. You may incur an additional $30 Sheriff fee for every bail bond. 

Will I Stay in Jail for a Long Time?

The time you spend in jail will vary depending on the time of your arrest as well as the nature of your offense. Depending on the size of the facility/jail, the process of booking may take between two to three hours. The process of securing a bond may take around one to three hours. However, if the police arrest you at night, you may wait for the following morning to post bail. Similarly, if your arrest takes place on the weekend, you will have to wait for an official working day to secure bail.

In some cases, a bail hearing may be necessary. A bail hearing takes place during your first appearance in court. According to the law, the first court appearance must take place within a set period (usually 72 hours) after an arrest, without considering weekends and public holidays.

How to Secure Bail

The process of securing a bail bond is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is contact the bail bondsman, and provide your name and the name of the jail. Your friend or family member (or another person) can also contact a bail bondsman on your behalf. The bail bondsman will locate you, contact the detention facility to confirm the bail amount, and fill the necessary paperwork to get you out of jail. You may even apply for bail on the phone and have the necessary documents emailed or faxed to you for signing.

Some of the necessary documents when applying for bail may include a client information form, a form outlining the payment arrangement, an authorization to process payments, and a form outlining the future court dates.

At times, collateral may be necessary when seeking a bail bond service. Collateral acts as a security for bail bond repayment, and in case of default, the collateral is surrendered. Collateral may consist of a real estate deed or a vehicle title. It is not always a requirement to provide collateral when obtaining a bail bond. 

Can You Secure Bail For All Types of Offenses?

You cannot obtain bail for certain types of crimes, including treason, murder, or other major crimes that are punishable by death or life imprisonment. Especially if the court feels that you may pose a danger to society, it may be hard to secure bail.

Bail bondsmen offer bail bonds for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including driving under the influence, battery, warrant arrests, assaults, drug possession, and casino cheating, among others. 

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