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It can be stressful if you or a loved one gets arrested and detained, especially if it's your first experience. However, with the help of a bail bondsman, you can obtain a discharge from custody and resume your daily life before the case progresses to trial. Receiving a Las Vegas bail bonds service from a qualified and experienced bail bondsman relieves the stress you're bound to suffer because they will handle all obligations correctly and efficiently.

At Express Bail Bonds, our bail bondsmen strive to offer all clients the best Las Vegas bail bonds service. Our vast knowledge in the sector enables us to assist you through a seamless procedure as you prepare for release. Call us at 702-633-2245 to get started.

Benefits of Using our Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service

Selecting the ideal Las Vegas bail bonds service business can be challenging, especially with so many options in the state. Furthermore, you may be stressed after being arrested, which hinders you from undertaking a detailed assessment of every bail bond firm at your disposal. Nonetheless, using our Las Vegas bail bonds service would spare you the hassle and delays associated with posting bail, owing to the perks we provide to our clientele.


We Offer Assistance Throughout the Release Process

Facing arrest and incarceration can be a stressful experience for you and your beloved. Therefore, we know the importance of ensuring you're free from custody as soon as possible by carrying out our obligations and depositing the bond sum. Any additional support, including details on every step completed during the posting of bail, would be gladly provided by the bail bondsman managing your case.

We also provide all the information you need, especially if you're a defendant seeking to be released. Our bail bondsmen are also aware of the importance of providing assurance and proof that each stage in the discharge procedure was successful. Therefore, to soothe your anxiety, we will keep you informed of all events leading up to your release date.


We Value Your Privacy

Our bail bondsmen understand how facing arrest can affect your reputation. Therefore, we endeavor to deliver a trustworthy service that respects your private life and doesn't draw the spotlight on you by integrating means of getting your details. Due to these confidential techniques, only a bail bondsman posting your bail amount will have access to your information, giving your case exclusivity.

Furthermore, we maintain respect when engaging with you because we're mindful of arbitrary arrests that don't always imply guilt. Therefore, we manage each client with no prejudice to the crime you have been arrested for, with the end objective of providing a smooth release.


You’ll Get a Bonded and Licensed Service

Nevada has strict laws that mandate any Las Vegas bail bonds service provider to meet certain requirements before acquiring a bonded and licensed certification. Any agency that complies with these conditions will receive recognition from the state upon fulfilling or exceeding them, raising the agency's ratings. Both certificates have been granted to our Las Vegas bail bondsmen, which allows us to offer clients a high-quality service.

Furthermore, bail bondsmen receive extensive training before earning years of work knowledge in the field, allowing them to expand on their knowledge and provide you with great service. We have partnered with several clients throughout our twenty-year career and delivered positive outcomes to all of them while guaranteeing that they encounter no challenges with their discharge from custody on bail arrangements.

Our 24-Hour Service

Life events might strike you suddenly, especially if you or a beloved one is arrested during odd night hours. Although Nevada's 24-hour open service is advantageous to any person seeking the Las Vegas bail bonds service, it can also explain the many arrests that occur during the wee hours of the night.

After being detained by the police, you should call a bail bondsman immediately to acquire the assistance required to discharge you from police custody. It could be frustrating to lack a Las Vegas bail bonds service provider to contact after business hours, owing to the urgency of such a case.

When a client experiences such inconsistencies in services, they could easily be discouraged and pushed to raise funds to get their beloved ones out of jail. As a result, making payments in cash can lead to complications later on, owing to the risks involved in such transactions. For instance, the officer receiving the bail amount may misplace some dollar notes and argue that you did not post the full bail amount.

Our bail bondsmen know how unpredictable life can be. We have established a 24-hour Las Vegas bail bonds service for any individual who needs assistance making plans to post their bail, particularly late at night. Bail bondsmen work in shifts to guarantee they're available to respond to your phone calls and help you as soon as possible, no matter when you call.

Additionally, our experience in the bail bonds industry has given us many opportunities to interact with Nevada's law enforcement agencies. This implies that the officers who arrested you would be easily accessible to respond to our requests to assist you in posting a bond. Given this advantage, you don't have to stress about confronting more challenges from law enforcement officers. This is because we’ll reach a mutual arrangement regarding your discharge from custody by posting bail.

We Know the Law. Let Us Help Protect Your Rights.

Quick and Effective Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service

Being detained for an extended period may weigh you down and undermine your readiness to reintegrate into normalcy as soon as possible. Consequently, we believe you should get prompt attention from a Las Vegas bail bonds service to be released without delay. Bail bondsmen respond quickly to phone calls and embark on all necessary documentation of a bail bond firm to maximize efficiency.

Furthermore, our bail bondsmen will show up at the facility where you're being held promptly to determine the actual bail amount needed. Soon after, you'll be able to secure your release from custody as you prepare for the court proceedings.

Our bail bondsmen understand the bail release processes and how it feels to be in police custody. In this case, you'll benefit from the efficiency of our Las Vegas bail bonds service, no matter the charges faced, including felonies and misdemeanors.

Types of Bail Bonds

Depending on various factors, law enforcement agencies and the judiciary system have bond arrangements for each detained person. However, the primary goal of any bail bond agreement is to deter you from evading the legal processes you are about to go through, including court appearances.

A judge usually conducts a hearing to assess whether you should grant bail. The magistrate has the authority to adjust or reject the bail price outright. This depends on the offense you committed. For instance, you will probably not be permitted to post bail if you were convicted of a capital crime. Alternatively, the magistrate may impose several kinds of bail bonds. Some examples include:

How Bail Bonds Work

Normally, the procedure that leads to the requirement for bail starts with an arrest. Once an officer has arrested and held you in their custody, you will have the opportunity to contact a loved one and notify him or her of your situation. In most instances, your loved ones will reach out to us because you're only permitted one telephone call, awaiting your hearing.

A professional bail bondsman will recommend that you provide the specific location of the detention facility to whoever you choose to contact. This information is important since it allows us to prepare for your future hearings. You will be required to appear before a judge for your bail hearing within 24 hours of your arrest.

The court considers several factors when assessing whether you qualify for a bail release and the amount of bond to impose. The essential details include determining whether you’re a threat to your neighborhood, notably if you have been arrested for major felonies such as kidnapping. If you are charged with a capital crime, you would not be able to be granted release on bond.

Furthermore, if you're a flight risk, the court will be hesitant to set bail in this case.  The magistrate may sometimes delay reaching a final decision until the courts get the defendant’s passport, traveling documents, and other documentation to deter you from fleeing the jurisdiction upon discharge. In such instances, the court may issue a bond sum for release.

A bail bondsman settles the bail amount and ensures that you participate in all mandated court hearings. Therefore, if you adhere to all conditions of your court hearings, the cash paid will be refundable after the trial proceedings are finalized.

However, because your arrangement with a Las Vegas bail bonds service provider includes paying a service charge, the consequences of the deposited bond amount fall on us. Therefore, we need a collateral arrangement to make sure that defaults don't result in substantial losses. You can use whatever you want as collateral, such as credit accounts, property, or real estate.

Types of Las Vegas Bail Bonds We Offer

Below are the various types of Las Vegas bail bonds you're likely to expect from our bail bondsman:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bail In Las Vegas

This is a standard bail bond made for those who have been charged with assault and battery. Bail is issued for most assault offenses using a predetermined bail schedule. The local judges design the schedule to avoid any backlog of court arraignment hearings. 

When a defendant is accused of assault, he or she can often be released on bail within a few hours due to the speed of the predetermined schedule. If the allegation includes serious bodily harm or damage to property, the offender may be detained for trial in front of a magistrate.

A temporary restraining order bail bond could be issued to individuals charged with committing violent crimes or abusing someone emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Like other kinds of bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds are used to secure an accused's release from detention. All important requirements remain in place, such as appearing in all court-ordered proceedings and not being charged with any other crimes while the bail bond is still in effect.

The key distinction between conventional and domestic violence bonds is that the latter includes a restraining order prohibiting the defendant from contacting the plaintiff.

If you are facing DUI charges in Las Vegas or any place in Nevada, you'll be up against severe charges and hefty punishments that might have long-term impacts on your life. To be released from detention quickly and prepare a strong defense, you will certainly need to secure a DUI bail bond.

Many locals and visitors in Las Vegas facing arrest for possessing controlled substances suffer hefty fines and lengthy jail sentences if convicted. Bail bonds are especially crucial in such cases because felony charges are involved. 

You will only be arraigned in court within days rather than months. This makes it practically impossible to obtain a professional criminal defense counsel and develop a good defense.

The Cost of a Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service

A Las Vegas bail bondsman is subject to the regulations stated in NRS 697.300. The legal provisions limit fees for posting bonds or bail to fifteen percent of the entire sum ordered by the courts. As a result, fees vary based on the amount of bail issued by the court.

However, it's illegal for bail bondsmen to raise the rates for personal gain. This implies that the bail bondsman must follow the provisional laws. The bail bondsman fee is non-refundable. This means that for any court order infringement that results in a new bond amount being reinstated, you would be liable to another contract in which you'll pay a separate charge.

The Payment Procedure

The payment begins with calling and providing all the information about the detained person. Before proceeding with the bail bond application procedure, our bail bondsmen have a checklist of guidelines for efficiently executing each process. The following is the information we'll require before submitting the bail application:

  •  The full name of the detained individual
  • The individual's birth date
  • The defendant’s physical address
  • The individual's workplace
  • The charges brought against the defendant

After receiving your details, we'll ask you for the 15% premium payment that is required for us to post the bail bond for your beloved one in custody. It's also crucial to submit the cosigner's details for us to offer appropriate assurance for successful bond payments without delay.

Our professional bail bondsmen offer various payment options to satisfy different preferences. Therefore, you can pay using debit cards, cashier checks, or credit cards. In situations where you don't have enough cash for transactions, we can accept payment in the form of property.

However, property payments may be delayed because it takes a while to complete appraisals to determine the value of the acquisition invested in such a property. Nevertheless, we're flexible in our payment options and willing to work with you to find a solution that won't strain your finances.


Find a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Near Me

Life can sometimes take you by surprise with unexpected occurrences that result in arrests, even if you're not prepared to bear the repercussions. During these trying times, you'll want access to the full bail amount to obtain your release from detention. Getting in touch with Express Bail Bonds can place you on the path to accessing easy and trouble-free bail bond services.

With more than twenty years of experience, we are familiar with the various systematic processes that any person in custody would go through. We strive to provide timely outcomes, such as your discharge from police custody. If you or someone you know requires the Las Vegas bail bonds service, contact us at 702-633-2245.