As much as you may want to secure your release out of jail by posting cash bail, your financial resources may be scarce for this type of transaction. Taking out a loan from a private lender or friend may also seem to be a bad idea for your situation. Express Bail Bonds targets clients experiencing predicaments like yours in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. Highlighted below are insights on how bail bonds work and how you can seek them from us.

Posting Bail in Nevada

Courts in the State of Nevada adhere to various bail schedules, which determine the amount of money a defendant should pay as bail. The judge may determine your bail when you make your first court appearance. Factors such as the severity of the committed crime, your criminal history, and your probation/parole status will matter in this decision.

Public safety is a key concern when the court is determining whether you deserve to secure your release from jail with bail or not. The judge may decline your request for bail or set a higher bail amount if you are a high-risk defendant. Most defendants get denied bail for fear of public safety and flight risk. The phrase "flight risk" means that you may have a higher likelihood of leaving town and failing to appear in court once granted bail.

Are all Offenses Bailable in Nevada?

As much as you want to bail out yourself or your loved one from jail, remember that not all kinds of crime are bailable in Nevada. The judge will not grant you bail for capital offenses such as espionage, treason, and murder. You will also not get bail for crimes punished by life imprisonment or the death penalty.

A bail bondsman can offer you bail bonds for felony and misdemeanor arrests such as assault, warrant arrests, and drug possessions. Arrests for grand larceny, DUI (driving under the influence), casino cheating and assault are also bailable. Defendants facing such charges pose fewer risks when compared to those charged with capital offenses.

Why Consider Seeking a Bail Bond?

Bail is a general term applied to the means of getting a person released from jail. The judicial system usually considers bail as a means to guarantee you (the defendant) will return to court after your release. One of the ways of posting bail involves enlisting a bail bond service. With this type of service, a bail bondsman will secure your release depending on the terms you agree to sign.

The State of Nevada allows defendants to post bail and be released out of jail as they await future court proceedings. When people seek bail bonds, they consider them as a less frustrating alternative to cash bail (which requires you to pay cash upfront). The court may refund the bail bondsman money/property used to secure your release once you appear in court. If you are considering to hire a bail bondsman, take time to understand their services and conditions.

Under Nevada bail laws, bail bondsmen can only charge 15 percent of the bail amount or below as premium. In this case, if the judge sets your bail to $10,000, it will cost you $1,500 or less to use a bail bond service. The Nevada Department of Insurance monitors the operations of all bail bondsmen in the state.

Hiring a Bail Bondsman

Your best option to getting out of jail if you cannot afford cash bail is to ask a bail bondsman to pay it for you. With a large number of bail bond services in the State of Nevada, choosing a reliable one may be challenging. Consider reviewing the conditions of each service and choose the one that fits your current circumstances. The bail bond business runs with the clients' demands just like other profitable businesses.

The process of hiring a bail bondsman in Nevada is straightforward enough to ensure that you or your loved one secure your release from jail in time. You can start by contacting a Las Vegas bail agency with the defendant's name and the name of the jail holding him/her. The bail bondsman will then find the defendant in the particular detention facility and confirm the bail amount with the facility. After verifying the amount, the company will have the necessary paperwork completed to facilitate the defendant's release from jail.

Can You Seek a Bail Bond Service Via Phone

Bail bondsmen make it easier for potential clients to reach them by posting a telephone number on their websites, online profile, and other advertising platforms. You can complete the entire bail bond endeavor via phone once you supply the company with the details of the arrested individual. The bail bondsman will email or fax you the few documents requiring your signature. Alternatively, you may show up in their offices to receive and sign them.

Will the Bond Expire If Your Case Continues for a Long Time?

The conditions established by your bail bondsman will determine the expiration of the bail bond. Your bail bondsman may require you to renew the bond after it expires in 12 months and pay another premium. The bail bond service may also apply to the entire duration of the court case. Remember to inquire about the validity of the bond before seeking one.

Is Collateral Needed When Seeking a Bail Bond Service?

Collateral refers to any item pledged for the repayment of a loan. In the context of bail bonds, collateral may be a valuable item (such as a real estate deed or car title) used to secure the bond. Though collateral is not always mandatory, your bail bondsman may require you to present one. Expect to get the valuable item back once you appear in court as requested.

Documents Needed in the Transaction

The bail bondsman will require a client information form to process the bail bond. A payment arrangement form and an authorization to process payment are also crucial in the transaction. The service provider will give you an information form stating your responsibilities as a client and asking you to fill future court dates of the defendant.

Find a Bail Bond Service Near Me

Securing your release from jail through bail should be a hassle-free process. If your condition prevents you from affording cash bail, bail bond services can come handy to your case. Express Bail Bonds serves clients with needs like yours across Northwest Las Vegas, NV. File a bail bond request with us by calling 702-633-2245 today.