Facing an arrest can be frustrating and confusing for both the suspect and their loved ones. However, the Nevada bail system allows defendants to walk out of jail pending the outcome of their case. You leave a certain amount of money in court to have you released and fight for your rights while out of jail. This money is known as bail and is usually refunded after the criminal case against you is resolved.

Contact a bail bonds service to help post the bail if you cannot afford the set bail amount. If you have been arrested in Boulder City and the judge has confirmed that you can post bail, do not stress over the situation, even if you cannot afford the set amount. Instead, call a Boulder City Bail Bonds service for help. 

At Express Bail Bonds, we have helped hundreds of clients post bail throughout the city and can do the same for you. We are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and have multiple payment options and flexible payment plans that suit your needs. All our bail bondsmen are highly trained and will deliver the highest professional service to ensure you receive what you need.

Understanding the Bail Bond Process

A bail bond refers to a payment a bail bonds company makes to a court or jail facility to release someone after arrest, pending the resolution of their case. If you cannot post bail on your own due to a lack of funds, you could hire a bail bondsman to help you, consenting to pay them 15 percent of the total bail amount.

Understanding the bond process can save you too much grief because of the prevalent lack of understanding of the arrest, court arraignment, and bond process. Posting a bail bond, also called a surety bond, in Boulder City is a contractual involvement between a Boulder City bail bonds service and a defendant or a cosigner posting bail on the defendant's behalf. The bail bondsman’s role is to warrant the court that the accused will appear in court on the scheduled dates if set free from custody.

For you or your co-signer to secure a bond, you must provide collateral that will be given to the court if you fail to appear at your scheduled dates. Types of collateral could include personal property, a home, a pre-authorized credit account, or in given cases, only a signature on good credit.

You will also be charged a fee to secure a bond. The fee is usually 15 percent of the total bail amount required under Nevada bail law. This is the stipulated rate for every licensed Boulder City bail bonds service. When your case ends, or the court exonerates or closes it, the money the bail bondsman posted as bail will be returned to them. However, the 15% fee is non-refundable. This means you will not receive your money back even if your case ends and the court finds you innocent.

Some services offer several payment options for their clients. Once the bail bondsman has pre-approved your bond amount, they will assemble all the required paperwork to commence the bond process. After you or your co-signer has signed all paperwork and paid the required fee, the bail bondsman will travel to where you are being held immediately to make bail for you. The whole process of posting bail and securing release can take between a few minutes and a few hours, based on the workload of the jail facility where you are being held.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boulder City Bail Bonds Service

The surety bond process can be overwhelming and confusing, particularly if it is your first time being arrested. When selecting a bail bonds service to help you post bail, you should consider several points. Some of them include the following:

Payment Options

You should inquire about a company's payment options. Most companies need collateral to post a bond, so ensure you ask about this in advance. Some services may ask for a down payment, whereas others may permit you to pay the whole amount over time. Ensure you inquire about all other payment options available to select the option that suits your needs.

Insured and Licensed

When selecting a Boulder City bail bonds service, check whether they are insured and licensed. This will ensure you are protected should something go wrong. Ask the service about insurance coverage and licensing before you sign any bond agreement. By opting for an insured and licensed company, you can rest assured you will be protected should any problems arise.


You should choose a service that will fulfill its promise and not one that takes advantage of you during a challenging period. It is ideal to consult multiple companies before you make your decision since this will allow you to measure the level of customer service.


Often, surety bond services are required at night. Ask the company you intend to hire about its opening hours and availability. A reputable service will have somebody available to assist its clients 24/7.

You should be capable of easily reaching the company by email or phone, and the customer representatives should be helpful and friendly. You want to be sure you can contact your bail bondsman for assistance should you have any concerns or questions.


Ensure the bail bonds service you go for has an in-depth comprehension of the bonds process and is conversant with the Boulder City court system. Bail bonds can be intricate, thus; you want to ensure you have hired a bonds company that understands what they are doing. Find out how long the company has been operating and its success rate.


Bail bonds can be costly. Therefore, you want to ensure you are receiving the best deal possible. You need to compare the terms and rates different companies offer before making your final decision. Ensure you inquire about any hidden costs or fees associated with the bond agreement. You want to avoid being surprised by unexpected charges; thus, asking all these questions beforehand is critical. Ensure your bail bondsman is able and willing to give you copies of all signed agreements, contracts, and an itemized receipt.

The Company's Reputation

Reputation is one of the essential things you should consider when selecting a Boulder City bail bonds service. A service with an excellent reputation will assist you in securing your release more quickly. Additionally, it is highly likely to create a fair, reasonable bond agreement.

On the contrary, a bond service with a poor reputation might take a more extended period to post bail for you. They may also be less flexible as far as negotiating the bond agreement terms is concerned. Consequently, it is essential to research thoroughly and select a bail bonds service you can trust.

Bail Amount Determination

A bail amount is established when the judge schedules a bail hearing. During the hearing, you, as the accused and the prosecution, present your evidence and arguments surrounding the criminal allegations against you. At this hearing, you and the prosecutor also argue whether the judge should set bail and provide the judge with the necessary evidence to make their decision. The following are factors that the judge considers when setting bail:

  • The likelihood that you will commit more crimes if released
  • Any possible danger you may pose to the supposed victim or community in general if you were released
  • The seriousness and details of the overall charges, the possibility of an eventual conviction, and the possible sentence itself
  • Your criminal history, including any record of appearing in court after being released without bail or on bail
  • Your disposition, mental health, and reputation
  • Your family dynamics, children, spouse, extended family, or friend relationships
  • Your work history and employment status
  • Your length of residency in a community
  • Other facts regarding your ties to the community or reasons you might fail to show up for court proceedings

The judge might decide that you will be set free without or with bail. Where you are released without posting bail, it is called release based on one's OR (Own Recognizance). If the judge decides that you must pay bail, it is because they believe it is required to ensure you will make court appearances for your case proceedings and to protect the supposed victim and other community members.

Bail Amount Reduction

If the judge has set your bail amount too high, you can have it reduced. If you wish to have the judge reduce your bail amount, your lawyer can request a second bail hearing. These hearings resemble mini-trials whereby both parties can present their arguments.

For example, your lawyer would support eliminating or reducing bail, whereas the prosecution would argue for increasing or maintaining the bail. The last step in this hearing is the resolution process, where the judge decides whether or not to reduce bail. If they hold firm in their initial decision, you may demand another hearing later.

Note that bail bondsmen are not lawyers. Therefore, they cannot request bail reductions and hearings. Only the accused persons and their attorneys can do this.

Conditions for Bail

NRS 178.484 sets out bail conditions in criminal cases. The primary condition after release on bail is that you must promise to attend court as required. The judge may additionally impose other restrictions against you, including the following:

  • Surrendering your passport (when facing felony charges).
  • Refraining from given conduct, for example, using drugs and drinking.
  • Avoiding visiting particular geographic areas (like the scene of the supposed crime).
  • Avoiding making contact with the supposed victim.
  • Remaining in the state or county.

The judge can offer you another chance to continue being out on bail if you violate bail conditions. Otherwise, they may direct that you be returned to detention for the period of your case. You may be accused of contempt, and the court will keep the bail money forever. This is known as bail forfeiture.

If you are out on bail with the help of Boulder City bail bonds service and the court revokes your bail, the court will not refund the bondsman their bond amount. This means the bail bondsman will seize any collateral you had provided to obtain the bond.

OR (Own Recognizance) Release In Boulder City

Defendants may be granted an OR release. An OR release is when a judge releases an accused after being taken into custody and booked without depositing a bail amount. This agreement happens when the accused promises in writing that they will attend all court proceedings regarding their case.

There are several factors the judge will consider when releasing you on your OR, including the severity of your crime, your criminal record, your employment history, your community ties, and the danger you pose to the victim and the public, among others.

In Boulder City, you will be released on your own recognizance unless the prosecution argues with clear, unreasonable doubt that you must post bail. When granted an OR release, you do not require the help of a Boulder City bail bonds service.

Jail Information

Boulder City Police Department

1005 Arizona Street,

Boulder City, NV 89005 USA

Phone: 702-293-9224

Henderson Detention Center

18 East Basic Road

Henderson, NV 89015, USA

Phone: 702-267-5245

Clark County Detention Center

330 S Casino Center Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

Phone: 702-671-3900

 Court Information

Boulder City Municipal Court

501 Avenue G,

Boulder City, NV 89005, USA

Phone: 702-293-9278

Boulder City Township Justice Court

501 Avenue G

Boulder City, NV 89005

Phone: 702-455-8000

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