No one likes spending time in jail. If you get arrested, your main concern will be how to get released as soon as possible. The first option you would consider is posting bail. Being released on bail can cost you much money that you may not have. Express Bail Bonds provide suitable options if you want to post a bail bond in Moapa Valley, Nevada. We are a full-service family bail bonds company whose primary focus is to ensure you are reunited with your family as soon as possible.

Understanding Bail and Bail Bonds

Despite being used interchangeably, bail and bail bonds do not mean the same thing. Bail refers to a certain sum of money a person needs to get themselves or their loved one released from jail after being arrested.

According to the 8th Amendment, every citizen has a right to bail to enable them to get back to their families and jobs while they await their day to appear in court. There are two ways in which bail is set. One of the methods is for the judge to set it during an arraignment court hearing, and the other way is through a bail plan/schedule. A bail schedule is a list of your charges and the equivalent amounts of bail that the local attorneys and judges have formulated to establish a fair way of allowing arrestees to be set free on bail.

On the other hand, a bail bond refers to a legal contract that binds a bail bondsman, a defendant, and an underwriter. In this contract, a bail bondsman will agree to be liable for the whole bail amount if the underwriter gives an assurance that the defendant will appear in court on all the stipulated dates. Moreover, the underwriter has to agree to take full responsibility for the entire bail amount if the defendant fails to present him/herself in court. For you to co-sign a bail bond in Moapa Valley, you must be adequately trained and licensed to do so in Nevada.

The Bail Bonds Process

The process of being bailed out involves several steps. The initial step is completing a form requesting for bail. This step takes between 30 minutes and one hour for surety bail bonds. However, it may take much time if you are being bailed out by a property bond since the property has to be substantiated and secured.

After the application process, the bond is secured with adequate security. The bail bondsman will then go to where you or the person you are bailing out is being held to acquire release.

The bail bondsman will post your bail in court or the jail where you are being held. Once the bail is posted, the arresting officer will be informed, and the process to release you will begin. The time it takes for you to be released depends on several factors. If the jail is not big enough nor fully staffed, it may take only two hours to get you released. If it’s on weekends or holidays and the jail is not fully-staffed, or there are many new cases, the process may take close to 12 hours.

Once you have been released, you and the bail bondsman will discuss your case. After that, the bail bondsman notifies both you and your underwriter of your rights and duties. You will also discuss the dates you are supposed to appear in court.

What If I Don’t Appear in Court?

It is possible that you may fail to appear in court for reasonable reasons. If uncontrollable circumstances bind you, call your bail bondsman and the court immediately to explain the situation. However, this should not be a habit. If you disclose your situation as early as possible, most courts will reset the date you appear in court, and they won’t penalize you.

There will be consequences if you fail to appear in court without notice. The court will consider you a fugitive. It will then issue a warrant for you to be arrested. This implies that police officers or an authorized bounty hunter will be searching for you. When they find you, you’ll be taken back to jail. Your bail will also be revoked.

In case you are not found, the amount of the bail bond is forfeited. Your co-signer then becomes liable for the full amount that is left unpaid.

The Cost of a Bail Bond

In Nevada, there’s a compulsory premium of 15% that you must pay to secure a bail bond. This fee is not refundable nor negotiable since the law of the state sets it. It is illegal for any bail bond service to waive this fee or charge any other amount other than 15%. Several bail bond services in Moapa Valley charge fees for certain services whereas others don’t. We recommend that you read through any contract concerning a bail bond carefully before you sign it so that you know what fees you are being charged and the purpose of the fee. Don’t sign with any bail bond service that would want you to pay a premium of more than 15%.

What if You Cannot Afford the Premium Cost?

Express Bail Bonds understands how a sudden arrest can result in financial hardships. Since no one anticipates being arrested, very few are adequately prepared. Moreover, very few people have savings to cover emergencies like bail bonds premiums. Thus, we make it easy by accepting multiple payment options. We also offer suitable payment plans for persons who qualify. Based on the circumstances and the type of crime you have committed, we will work with your co-signer to ensure you are out of jail and back with your family.

Get Reputable Bail Bonds Service Near Me

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Moapa Valley, NV, but can’t afford the cash to bail out, Express Bail Bonds can be your solution. We are available 24/7 and our services are professional and honest. We also have a convenient office location in Moapa Valley so that you can reach us quickly. Our bail bondsmen will accommodate all your needs and handle your case with the privacy it deserves. Call us at 702-633-2245 and let us help you reunite with your family today!