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What are Bail Bonds?

When a person gets arrested for an offense they are alleged to commit, the police will keep the person detained until the day they are arraigned in court, until a judge chooses to release them on their own recognizance or up until that time they are allowed to post bail.

Bail, in this case, is the sum of money which is set by the court to act as assurance between the defendant and the court. The court allows defendants to pay the bail amount in cash, though most people are not able to do this. Again, the bail amount is usually quite high, and most defendants are financially not able to post their own bail. That is why there are bail agents or bail bondsmen, who offer to post the bail bond on behalf of the defendant at a fee.

Therefore, a bail bond is the type of guarantee that is given by a bail bond company via the company's bail agents, to secure the discharge of the accused from jail. There are basically two types of bonds:

Civil bail bonds: these kinds of bail bonds are used in civil cases to guarantee payment of debts as well as costs and interests that have been assessed against the accused.

Criminal bail bonds: these types of bonds are used in criminal cases to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court for hearing when the court summons him/her. The money also guarantees payment of penalties or fines that have been levied against the alleged offender.

How Bail Bonds Work

Depending on the offense the defendant has been arrested for, a judge presiding over the case will set the surety amount. However, if the accused is unable to make the bail payment on his/her own, they are allowed to seek the help of a bail bond agent. For the bail bond company to agree to help the defendant, he/she must agree to pay a fee, which is a percentage of the amount of bail.

Once it is agreed, the bail bond company will proceed to secure the defendant’s release. The company may need to secure the bail amount with some type of collateral. However, if the offender is unable to provide enough collateral for the bail amount, the company may require his/her relatives or friends to help in guaranteeing that the amount will be paid.

The company also ensures that the accused shows up in court as required. If not, the court will forfeit the bail bond and demand for the payment of the remaining amount of the bond. The bail bond company will then use the collateral provided by the defendant or his/her relatives to pay the remaining amount of money to the court.

If, on the other hand, the defendant appears for trial as scheduled, his/her case will proceed to the end and once it is concluded, the bail bond will be dissolved. With that, the bail company will keep the premium as a fee and then return the collateral to the person who had secured the bail.

Bail Conditions

Whether or not you will be allowed to post bail depends on the court, the judge and the crime you have been alleged to commit. When all these are determined, and the judge agrees to let you post bail, you will be given a list of conditions that you must adhere to once you have been released from custody. The types of conditions given here are similar to those given to people who are already guilty and on probation. If by any chance you fail to abide by the terms, for instance, you fail to appear in court as scheduled; you will forfeit your bail, which means a significant loss of money. You will also be rearrested and taken back to custody to await your trial form there.

The most common bail conditions are:

  • You will be required to remain in your residence unless you are instructed otherwise by the court.

  • You will not be allowed to own or handle a firearm. This term will still apply even if there were no firearms used in the crime you were alleged to commit

  • You will be required to find a job if you have not been working. The court will demand that you do your best to keep that job for the length of time you will be out on bail.

  • If the reason for your arrest had something to do with drugs or substance abuse, the court might demand that you stay off drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances.

  • From time to time, you will be required to do pre-trial checks with a service officer to ensure that you are complying with orders from the court.

Finds an Express Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

Matters regarding bail bonds can be complicated and confusing. Again, much money is needed to secure your release, which, in most cases, people are not able to raise while still behind bars. What you need during this time is support and a reliable bail bond company that will work for your release quickly so you can go back to your normal day-to-day life. If you are in Moapa Town, NV, call us at 702-633-2245 and let us help secure your release from custody today.