An arrest can be both confusing and frustrating for both the person in handcuffs as well as their loved ones. Don't stress over the situation! Instead, call the bail bonds agents at Express Bail Bonds in Cactus Springs, Nevada. They have the answers to all of your questions and the capabilities to work anywhere within the state. Each agent is highly trained and will provide the highest level of professional service to make sure both you and your loved one get exactly what you need.

Reduce Stress and Frustration

An arrest is a stressful situation and can be extremely frustrating. This is the perfect time to call the agents at Express Bail Bonds. Agents are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including nights, holidays, and weekends. As soon as you are notified of an arrest, your first phone call should be to your bail bonds agent. They will have the answers you need that you may not be able to get anywhere else. Although they can't provide you with legal advice, they can offer you suggestions on what your next steps should be.

Arrest and Release

After an arrest, you will be taken to the local jail. Once there the booking and intake process will get underway. Your identity will be verified, you will be fingerprinted, and a background check will be performed to find out if you have any outstanding warrants or pending charges. Charges will be filed and a bail amount will be set. Normally, this takes two to six hours.

While the intake process is being completed, the co-signer can be filling out the bail bond application and paying the 15% state-mandated fee. When the application is approved and the premium secured, the bond is ready to be posted. As soon as the intake and booking processes are complete, the bail bonds agent can post your bond and obtain your release. The release process will take anywhere from two to eight hours depending on how many people are working, how busy the jail is and if there are any extenuating circumstances that could delay your release.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Once you have agreed to be released on bond, you will be made aware of your rights and responsibilities. While you have the constitutional right to post bond, the privilege can be revoked if you don't follow the stipulations of the court. You must agree to remain within the jurisdiction of the court at all times. You may also be required to turn over any weapons. The court will also ask that you avoid being charged with any no criminal activity while you are out on bond. If the court finds out that you have failed to comply with their demands, your right to bail may be revoked. You will be returned to jail and the co-signer will be released from their obligation.

There are also reasons that bond may be denied. If the crime you have committed is extremely violent and resulted in death, you may be held without bail. The judge may also deny bond if they believe you may be a flight risk or have shown that you may do harm to yourself or others. For this to happen, the circumstances must be quite severe.

If you fail to appear in court at the scheduled time, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you are not returned to the jail in a specific amount of time, your bond will be forfeited and the co-signer will be held liable for the full amount of the bail bond. If you miss court due to an accident or other situation beyond your control, notify the court immediately and let them know the situation. In most cases, the court will reinstate your bond and re-schedule your court date. Accidents happen! Let the courts know immediately so there won't be an issue.

Protect Your Rights

The ability to post a bond is a privilege that should not be wasted. Once you have been bonded out of jail, you can return to work and resume the obligations you have to your family. This is also a good time to hire an attorney and start to work on the details of your case. Hiring an attorney will ensure that your rights are fully protected. It's important when you go to court that you have an attorney on hand who is knowledgeable about your case and that has your best interest at heart. Don't take chances with your future.

Peace of Mind

Going through the legal system is not an easy process so having a bail bond agent and an attorney you trust will give you the peace of mind you need and want to make it through a difficult time. Part of being released on a bond means that you have to check-in with your bail bonds agent on a regular basis. This keeps them updated as to where you are in case they need to contact you in a hurry. It is up to you to notify both the court and bail bond agent of any changes in your contact information and place of employment.

Cactus Springs Bail Agent Near Me

If you live in the Cactus Springs, Nevada area, call the agents of Express Bail Bonds any time of the day or night for all of your bail bonds needs. You can reach their office at 702-633-2245 whenever you need to talk to a live agent. Never leave your future to chance. When you need a reputable bail bonds agent in the state of Nevada, the agents at Express Bail Bonds are always available and will be ready to get the process started as soon as you place the call. Don't let an arrest get you down! Take control of the situation and call the professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help get you back on track. One phone call to Express Bail Bonds and you will be on your way home in just a few hours time!