By calling our main office, residents of Spring Valley will be able to talk to a licensed bail agent as soon as the phone is answered. If a bail bond is needed immediately, a bail bonds agent can be dispatched to your home or the application can be completed over the phone and a payment made using a debit or credit card. An agent can also meet you at the location of your choosing. We will do our best to ensure your privacy and be as discreet as possible.

Finding a Reputable Bail Bonds Agent

When a loved one has been arrested, you may be in a situation you have have never had to worry about before. It is quite apparent that you need to hire a bail agent, but if you have never dealt with this type of situation, you may not understand the process or how it works. If you find yourself in need of a bail bonds agent, the first thing to do is ask family or friends who have experience with this type of situation. If they have used a bail agent in the past, they will know first hand what to expect and may even be able to offer advice as to which bail bonds service takes better care of their clients.

Another way to find a highly reputable bail bonds agent is to talk to your attorney. Attorneys in certain areas, often get together to form an attorney referral network that consists of bail bonds services and bounty hunters who have proven to be an asset to their industry. Not only do they offer an abundance of services that many people need, they also offer sound advice based wholly on years of experience, continuing education and on the job training. When you talk to your attorney, make sure to ask them about different bail bonds and which ones seem to be the most reliable and upfront with their clients.

The easiest way to find a reputable bail bonds service is to start calling them. Check out their websites. Find out if they belong to any worthwhile organizations such as the National Association for Bail Enforcement Agents or the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Belonging to these organizations means that a company has made a commitment to live up to the standards that these organizations live by. Every organization has strict requirements that must be maintained and upheld if an bail bonds service wants to join and remain a member in good standing.

How Is Bail Set and What Does It Cost?

Bail is set in two distinct ways. For common offenses that are committed on a routine basis, county judges and other judicial officials gather together and create a bail schedule of pre-determined amounts that are to be set when a crime occurs. Simple assault, misdemeanor drug charges, alcohol related charges and other minor crimes are often listed on the bail schedule. When the bail schedule is used to set bail, the defendant does not have to wait to be taken in front of the judge for an arraignment hearing. Instead, the amount of bail determined to be sufficient for each particular offense must be paid and the defendant will be released and allowed to go on their merry way as long as the agree to the stipulations of the court, including attending all scheduled court hearings.

Another way bail is set is by attending an arraignment hearing held in front of a local judge. In the majority of cases, only the most severe offenders are taken in front of the judge during an arraignment hearing. The judge will look at all of the factors in the case and determine whether or not the defendant poses a significant flight risk and is stable within the community in which they live. The judge will also look at the defendant's state of mental health. In some cases, the judge may set the bail extremely high so the defendant is forced to remain in custody and receive medication they may not otherwise have access to.

Both felony and misdemeanor cases are extremely similar in how they are handled within a court room setting. While each case may be handled differently within the confines of the courtroom, both types of cases are similar when you are talking about bail bonds. A bail bond contract is a legally binding agreement in which the co-signer and defendant both agree that if the bail agent posts bail, the defendant agrees to appear at all scheduled court dates.

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