Facing arrest and detention can limit your freedom, mainly because you are to remain in police custody until further notice. Despite this, you can exit jail by following the bail bond release procedure to secure your right to liberty before the trial begins. If you choose to leave jail by posting bail or bond, you need to understand the various requirements to meet, including payment options and timeline limits.

You must also understand how to speed up the bail process to help you return to your everyday life sooner. Consulting an experienced bail bond service is an ideal starting point, as you will receive all relevant information quickly.

Since the bail process can be demanding for a first-time detainee, below are five essential tips to apply throughout the application and waiting period. By following these pointers, you have a better chance of securing your release smoothly and with minimal setbacks. The pointers are:

  • Remain Calm After Arrest

Facing arrest is often a challenging experience, as it involves submitting to police custody and remaining in detention until the officers obtain all relevant information. You may also face arrest as a surprise, making it more challenging to follow all events before and after the arrest procedure.

Upon arriving at the station, the arresting officers will conduct various processes to collect essential details that help prepare your case. The booking process is the most important, allowing them to obtain your full name, address details, biometrics, and other important biodata.

You can therefore expect to undergo the process within a few minutes of arriving at the station. Since you will provide crucial details, you must remain calm throughout to help you remember the information. Doing so is essential as it prevents errors, further delaying your release.

Remaining calm is also helpful because you are less likely to engage in erratic behavior while at the station, which could result in extended detention. Once the officers observe your calmness, they are more inclined to listen to your requests, including your need to speak to a bail bondsman to help you with the bail process.

  • Inquire About the Estimated Bail Amount Necessary for Your Release

After completing the booking process, you can request that the officers at the station provide you with the estimated bail amount needed for your release. The monetary amount depends on your charges, as each offense attracts separate fees.

Based on this, the prosecutor handling your case must have assessed the preliminary case details and settled on a charge. They will then inform you of the charges to prepare you for the upcoming trial and bail payment process.

Inquiring about the estimated bail fees speeds up your release process because you can relay the details to your bail bondsman to prepare them for payment soon after your arrest. Detention centers have bail schedule documents that indicate the estimated bail fees for offenses recognized in Nevada. Since the schedule is a government document, the details are reliable as a reference point for making financial plans.

While referencing the bail schedule is essential, it only provides a bracket of the estimated fees, not a specific figure. For example, the bail fees assigned to a theft offense may range between $5000 and $10,000. You will learn the final figure once the presiding judge decides on your case.

  • Contact a Bail Bonds Service

Working with a bail bondsman is highly advisable if you are looking to speed up the bail process. Their importance in speeding up your release comes from the fact that they take over the financial burden of paying your bail release fees upfront. This is highly advantageous for you, as you do not have to worry about consolidating funds from your account or family and friends within a short time frame.

The bail bondsman assigned to your case also understands the steps to apply for your release and contact the court for a bail hearing date. Online bail procedures are also available when working with a bail bonds company, giving you access to a faster service.

By partnering with an equipped team, you can expect to exit jail within hours of arrest and detention, giving you a faster release process than working alone. You also worry less about meeting all court demands as you allow the bail bond service providers to handle your matter efficiently.

  • Discuss Your Service Fee Payment Details

Requesting bail bond services provides convenience, so you have some service fee obligations to pay. Your bail bond service provider eases your bail payment obligations by charging a 10% fee on the total amount you would have paid upfront to the court system.

Using the information, you can easily calculate the service fees you owe your bail bond service provider to prepare for payments. For example, if the court sets your bail at $5000, you will pay the bail bonds company $5000 for the assistance you receive.

If the 10% service fee still equates to a high payment based on the initial bail fee, you can also explore payment plans to reduce financial pressure. Your bail bondsman is happy to explore flexible payment plans until you complete the full-service fee.

  • Meet All Court Requirements

Exiting jail on bail is conditional, as the court still expects you to comply with the directives you receive. An essential requirement is to attend all court proceedings to avoid the consequences.

Based on this, you must attend your bail hearing for the judge to assess your release request. Your appearance during the bail hearing speeds up your release, as the judge does not have to adjourn. Compliance indicates your ability to meet other court obligations, so the judge is more likely to speed up the bail hearing and allow your release.

 After exiting jail, you must also appear for all trial proceedings because criminal cases cannot proceed without the accused present. Failure to comply may cause the judge to revoke your bail release, forcing you back into detention.

Contact a Bail Bonds Company Near Me

Leaving jail by posting bail requires you to follow several procedures, and you need the guidance of an experienced bail bondsman to speed up the process. With their help, you can apply for a bail hearing and access the required money upfront to pay the court system.

At Express Bail Bonds, we have a reliable and efficient team of bail bondsmen ready to handle your release quickly. Additionally, we are always available for additional support throughout the waiting period. If you or a loved one wants to speed up your bail process in Las Vegas, Nevada, call us today at 702-633-2245.