Bail bonds have proven to be an essential option for arrested people who must post bail before they are released. Bail bond companies provide invaluable services by assisting people who lack the money necessary to make bail. But before turning to a bail bonds service to post bail, you want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of bail bonds, which will help you determine whether purchasing one is ideal.

Benefits of Surety Bonds

Purchasing a surety bond can have several advantages for people needing help posting their bail. The main benefits include:

Flexible Payment Plans

One of the primary benefits of a bail bond is the flexible payment options involved. The primary reason for anyone posting a surety bond is their inability to raise the bail money within the short period provided.

Instead of leaving your loved one to spend more time in custody, you can hire a bond company to pay the required money at a fee known as the premium. The fee is fifteen percent of the amount of bail needed. Then, the bail bond company will let you pay the 15 percent fee using a suitable payment plan.

By using a payment plan, you will pay the premium in smaller portions instead of struggling to save enough cash at once. Before you decide what bail bond company to hire, you want to ask them what payment options they have to see what works best for you.

You Can Still Post Bail, Regardless of How High The Amount Is

Bail amounts in Nevada can be as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially for felony offenses. Only a few people can readily access this kind of money. If your loved one is arrested and the judge sets bail, for example, at $100,000, you may not have the amount readily available to post bail. Even raising this kind of money from family and friends can take an extended period, and in the meantime, your loved one will continue to sit in jail. Considering these factors, posting cash bail will not be an option, which is not the case with bail bonds.

With bail bonds, you can post bail regardless of the bail value. You will only need to pay 15 percent of the total amount to the bail bonds service, and the bail bondsman will post the entire bail amount to the jail holding your loved one. Raising 15 percent may be easier than finding the whole bail amount. And if you cannot raise the 15 percent, the company can let you pay in bits, as explained in the advantage above.

Faster Release From Custody

Usually, bail bondsmen are available 24/7 and have extensive experience dealing with local courts and jails. With this expertise, they can expedite the jail release process for your loved one, allowing them to return to their daily activities and lives faster. A faster release also gives the defendant ample time to prepare for the case against them, for example, by helping their lawyer gather evidence and locate witnesses.

Disadvantages of Bail Bonds

Like other legal agreements, bail bonds also have their drawbacks. They include:

Non-Refundable Premiums

Perhaps the primary disadvantage of purchasing a surety bond is not receiving a refund of your funds. When you post bail from your pocket, the money is returned to you once the accused makes all their court appearances. Essentially, the bail amount is collateral the court keeps to ensure the person set free on bail attends court proceedings.

When you purchase a surety bond, the bond company charges a fee, generally 15% of the total bail amount, that is not refundable, irrespective of the court's ruling or whether the released person makes all the court appearances. Therefore, you want to weigh whether you prefer paying a smaller, non-refundable premium to buy a bond or the whole amount of bail, which you will then receive back later.

Apart from the fee being non-refundable, it can be pretty expensive, particularly if the judge sets the accused's bail at a higher amount. Also, to add to the fixed premium, there might be more costs in the form of collateral, administrative fees, processing fees, and other payments, which can add to the overall cost of acquiring a bond and are also not refundable.

Personal Information Is Required

If you decide to purchase a surety bond, you will deal with a third party—a bail bondsman. With this, the bail bondsman will need you to share particular personal information to offer their services. For example, the bondsman may require you to disclose your financial information. They may also need you to sign a contract.

You want to understand which rights you will give up when you sign any document the bail bondsman tells you to so you know your precise duties if something wrong happens. Also, while providing personal information, keep in mind that even though bail bond companies protect client confidentiality and privacy, it is not guaranteed that private information cannot leak from the company.

Failure to Pay The Bond Fee Can Lead To The Arrest Of Your Loved One

Not paying your bail bond premium is not considered an offense. However, it could still lead to the person you bailed out being re-arrested. The bail bondsman can withdraw responsibility for the bail if you do not pay the required fee, meaning they do not have to post a bond and can request their money back from the court. If bail is not paid, the defendant will be re-arrested. In essence, bail will be revoked if the bail bondsman relinquishes responsibility.

If your loved one returns to jail, securing their release a second time will be even more challenging. You will still need to pay the fee of the first bond agreement despite the bail bondsman withdrawing from the contract. And if you require another bail bondsman to secure your loved one’s release, things will be more challenging.

Find a Reliable Bail Bond Service Near Me

Deciding whether to post cash bail, a property bond, or a bail bond can be challenging. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of every option can help you decide better, and whatever decision you make, ensure it is one you can afford. If your loved one has been arrested in Las Vegas and needs bail bond services, we at Express Bail Bonds can help you. We boast experienced and reliable bail bondsmen, and our services are quick, confidential, and affordable. Call us at 702-633-2245 for a consultation.