If you are under arrest for an alleged offense, the court could allow you to post bail to obtain your freedom as your case proceeds through various stages of the legal justice system. However, you must be ready to abide by strict conditions while out of jail on bail.

One of the conditions the court could require you to adhere to during your release is a temporary restraining order (TRO) which prevents you from approaching or speaking with the victim or accuser of the alleged offense. If you have a TRO against you, you must abide by the required conditions as you wait for your case’s judgment.

When you violate any condition of the TRO served against you, the court will order a rearrest and hold a hearing to determine whether you deserve another chance to be out of custody on bail. If you qualify to obtain a release from jail again on bail upon an arrest for allegedly violating a TRO requirement, we at Express Bail Bonds can help.

Our company is standing by 24/7 to ensure you have someone to help you when you or your loved one is in custody for an alleged offense. While we will not be your legal representative in court, we will provide you with the speedy Las Vegas bail bonds service you need to obtain your freedom without delay upon an arrest.

A Temporary Restraining Order at a Glance

A TRO is a court order provided by the court in domestic violence, stalking, abuse, or any case where the victim or accuser of the alleged offense feels threatened by the defendant. If you have a temporary restraining order against you, it will prevent you from performing particular activities. For example, it will bar you from:

  • Seeing and communicating with the victim
  • Living anywhere close to the victim’s residence or workplace (stay away order)

While a restraining order is generally a civil court issue, it can become a criminal court case when you violate its conditions. If you fail to abide by a restraining order condition in any way, the court will give an arrest warrant, authorizing the police to take you into custody. The arrest will be on any of the following charges:

  • Harassment
  • Contempt of court
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Intimidation

Aside from being a punishable crime, the court could revoke your bail for the underlying charge and send you to jail, pending your case’s trial. The court decision after an arrest for allegedly violating a TRO condition will depend on the following factors:

  • Past criminal history
  • Your behavior
  • Your unique case facts

Bail Amount for Violating a TRO Condition

When you violate a temporary restraining order condition, the court has total discretion on whether to offer you a release on bail, depending on the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph. If your situation warrants a release on bail, the court will allow you to post bail, but certainly with a protective measure put in place to protect the victim or the general public.

In that situation, the main condition will be that TRO will remain in effect, and you must never violate any of its requirements again. Additionally, your Las Vegas bail bonds service provider or bondsman could require frequent check-ins to update them on your whereabouts before your case’s judgment.

It is worth noting a TRO bail bond amount could be significantly higher than the standard bail bond, all based on your unique case’s facts. Hence, it is wise that you abide by the conditions of your TRO if you are out on bail for any alleged offense.

How to Bail Yourself Out of Jail Upon an Arrest for Allegedly Violating a TRO

Receiving a call that your loved one is in jail for an alleged offense is never a pleasing experience, but it is one that many cousins, spouses, siblings, and friends have had to deal with multiple times. If you or your loved one is in jail for allegedly violating a TRO, you qualify for a jail release on bail to obtain your freedom.

Here is a step-by-step guide for bailing yourself out of jail following an arrest for allegedly violating a TRO condition:

  1. Understand What Bail Is

Most people have read or seen the term “bail” on TV, but many do not know what it means. Generally speaking, bail is the money the court requires from an arrestee, his/her family member, or a friend to act as security for the defendant’s freedom before the alleged case’s verdict, which can take weeks, months, or even years.

If you adhere to the required conditions of your release on bail, particularly by showing up in your court hearings, the court will exonerate the bail and refund your money. However, if you decide to skip bail or fail to appear in court, the court will forfeit your bail, meaning you will not receive your money back.

The primary purpose of these strict regulations is to encourage you, the defendant, to show up in court to prove your innocence and pay the necessary restitution to the victim upon conviction.

  1. Gather Basic Information

One of the most critical steps that most people neglect or forget is gathering basic information to help them post bail. Often a person is worried and frustrated after an arrest that he/she forgets to obtain relevant information that can help him/her obtain his/her jail release without delay. Some of the crucial information you will need if you want to bail yourself out of jail include:

  • The location of the jail you are in custody
  • Jail booking number
  • Know the alleged charge

The above-listed information will come in handy if you decide to retain the service of a bail bondsman to secure your freedom. Read on to learn who a bail bondsman is and how he/she can help you after an arrest.

  1. Decide How to Post the Required Bail

Now that you know the required bail amount, you should decide how to post the required bail to obtain your freedom without delay. Once you are out of jail, you can continue doing your job to earn income or go to school if you are a student before the alleged case’s outcome. For these reasons, you should settle your bail as soon as possible after a rearrest for violating a TRO.

Here are three common and acceptable ways of posting bail:

  1. Using Cash

If you have ready cash to settle the required bail amount, you can pay or deposit it to the court’s clerk. However, if you do not have the required cash in total, the court’s clerk could accept the following modes of payment to settle your bail:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money orders
  • Personal checks
  1. Using a Property

Since not everyone has ready cash available, the court will also accept property or assets as security for your release from jail on bail. However, the value of this property must be twice your total bail amount.

  1. Hiring a Bail Bondsman

If you do not have cash or valuable property to post the required bail, you can work with a bail bondsman for the quick Las Vegas bail bonds service you need to obtain your freedom without delay. A bail bondsman is typically a third party who will act as surety for release by providing the court with the required bail amount for your unique case.

In exchange for the much-needed Las Vegas bail bonds service, the bail bondsman will require you to pay fifteen percent (15%) of the court-scheduled bail amount as a premium or service fee. A reliable bail bondsman will provide flexible payment plans to clear this premium without unnecessary financial strain.

For instance, your bail bondsman could accept a check, Western Union, credit card, or bitcoins to settle the premium. Unlike bail, the 15 percent premium you will pay the bail bondsman is non-refundable. Once you make the necessary arrangements with the bail bondsman, he/she will arrange for your release from jail as soon as possible.

Factors That Will Determine How Long it Will Take to Obtain Your Freedom After Obtaining Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service

While you want to be out of legal custody as soon as possible after an arrest for allegedly violating a TRO, obtaining your freedom after posting bail is not immediate. The following factors will determine how long it will take to obtain your freedom after obtaining Las Vegas bail bonds service:

  • The jail traffic
  • The number of staff or officers present
  • The number of paperwork required for your release

Generally speaking, in most cases, it will take thirty (30) minutes to four (4) hours to obtain your freedom after posting bail. However, it could take longer depending on the above factors.

Why You Should Work With a Bail Bondsman Upon an Arrest for Allegedly Violating a TRO

As long as you are in police custody for allegedly violating a TRO condition, your options could be limited. Opting to bail yourself out could slow your release process, especially if you cannot afford the required bail amount and it is your first time in legal custody.

Hence, most defendants in legal custody opt to work with a bail bondsman when in need of Las Vegas bail bonds service for the following reasons:

No Upfront Cash is Needed

If you choose to settle your bail, you must be ready to deposit the full amount right away. For this reason, you could be forced to make difficult financial decisions like taking a loan from a friend or liquidating your assets if you do not have the required cash.

However, if you partner with a bail bondsman, you will not have to worry about upfront cash because he/she will post the required bail amount on your behalf. All you need is a small percentage of the total bail amount, which you can pay over a certain agreed period, and the bail bondsman will cover the rest to obtain your freedom without delay.

You Will Have Access to Legal Guidance

While a bail bondsman is not an attorney, he/she is familiar with the ins and outs of the legal justice system. In addition to knowing the right procedures and papers to file when posting your bail, the bail bondsman you will hire can also offer you relevant legal advice on what to do and not do while out of jail on bail.

Your Bail Bondsman Will Ensure Your Availability on the Future Court Dates

One of the greatest benefits of working with a bondsman is his/her ability to hold you accountable after obtaining your freedom on bail. As part of your bond agreement with a bondsman, you must promise to show up on all your scheduled court dates and abide by all the requirements of your release.

Since a bail bondsman has his/her money at risk, he/she will be there for you after your release from the detainment facility to ensure compliance with the required conditions, pending your case’s judgment.

With the right and reliable bail bondsman, you can secure your freedom soon after an arrest with less hassle to continue with your daily activities.

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If you are eligible to post bail to obtain your release, we can help you through every step of the bail process to obtain your deserved freedom without delay. In addition to providing much-needed and prompt bail bonds service, we will inform you of what you need to know to ensure your full compliance with the TRO for the required period to avoid making mistakes that will land you in jail.

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