If your friend or relative has been arrested in Las Vegas, NV, we at Express Bail Bonds have the expertise to get him/her out of jail fast. We understand that the need for a bail bond arises suddenly and unexpectedly when a recently arrested loved one calls you asking for help. You will likely have many questions, including the amount of bail that will be required. Below, we give you an overview of the bail amounts typical in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada.

Standard Bail

Bail amounts are largely predetermined based on the type of crime allegedly committed. The bail must fit the crime just as surely as the punishment must fit the crime, based on the prohibition of excessive bail present in the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. For example, grand theft auto must have a higher bail than a first DUI offense since the court system considers the former a more serious infraction. However, standard bail amounts will vary with each local jurisdiction, and the specifics of each case can affect the actual bail required.

Clark County's standard bail policy assigns the following bails to these three basic categories of crimes:

  • Common misdemeanors- $1,000
  • Gross misdemeanors- $2,000
  • Felony charges- $5,000 to $20,000

The specific category of felony will determine where within the above-cited bail range a particular felony charge falls. Other very serious crimes, such as murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and battery with intent to commit sexual assault, have no standard bail at all. For them, the judge will set bail on a case by case basis.

Enhanced Bail

Though domestic violence and battery are misdemeanor charges in Nevada, they nonetheless have higher than usual bail requirements: $3,000 for a first offense, $5,000 for a 2nd offense, and $15,000 for third and subsequent offenses. If the charge is domestic battery with significant bodily injury inflicted, $15,000 bail is required for even a first-time offense. Additionally, anyone arrested on battery or domestic violence must remain in jail for at least 12 hours even if bail is already arranged and posted immediately after the arrest.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or an intoxicating drug is a misdemeanor in Nevada, but standard bail is set at $2,000 instead of $1,000 for a first offense. A second offense usually raises bail to $5,000. If other circumstances, such as significant bodily injury to another or wrongful death of another, accompany the DUI charge, no standard bail applies. Bail will be set at the judge's discretion during the defendant's first court appearance (arraignment).

Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor for both first and second offenses, if the amount involved is one ounce or less, and usually receives the stand bail amount of only $1,000. The court will typically consider third and subsequent offenses to be gross misdemeanors or felonies, which will increase the bail amount. If more than an ounce of marijuana is involved, the judge can increase the bail to reflect the quantity of illegal drugs in question. If intent to sell is charged, bail will be even higher because that will make it a class-D felony allegation, which has a standard bail of $5,000.

Non-Standard Bail

Actual bail can vary from standard bail due to a judge's discretionary power to set the bail amount in open court. The circumstances of the arrest, the defendant's past criminal history, and the severity of the alleged crime may influence the judge's decision.
Other times, the law requires a higher than standard bail. For example, bail is twice the standard amount if a deadly weapon was involved, if the crime occurred on public school property, or if the victim was 60 years or more of age.

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