If you have been released on bond, this is not the time to sit back and let things happen. You have spent a few hours in jail, now it's time to get to work trying to figure out how to tackle your case. All you have to do is take the steps to get started.

The first thing you need to do is begin to prepare for your upcoming court date. This is the best time to prepare your case. The following steps will help you take control of the situation so you can guarantee the best outcome possible.

1. Follow the Conditions of Release.

After you have been bailed out, you will be given what is called the “conditions of release”. You will have to follow these carefully so you do not violate the terms of the bail bond contract. Most of these guidelines are extremely simple and easy to follow. They include:

  • Reporting requirements: You will have to report various information to the court as well as your bail bond agent. This includes any changes in address or employment. You will also have to check in with your bail bonds agent and appear at your scheduled court hearing.
  • Travel restrictions: This means you cannot leave the city, county or state. In some cases, you may not be able to leave your home.
  • Curfew: You may have to comply with a curfew that means you are home at a specific time each night.
  • Surrendered documents: This normally applies to passports and drivers' licenses to keep you from leaving the area or the country.

Depending on your offense, other conditions may be added. Make sure to read your paperwork carefully.

2. Stay on Your Best Behavior.

Once you have been released on bail, you are out on a second chance. Do not make your situation any worse by getting into more trouble. It is extremely important that you abide by all laws, including traffic laws. Avoid bars and parties and refrain from becoming intoxicated. Treat your family with respect and maintain your employment.

Being judged by your appearance can be your downfall if you appear in court looking less than professional. Prevent any misconceptions on behalf of the judge and jury by making sure you are well-kept and courteous at all times.

Make sure your hair and nails are well groomed. Beards and mustaches should be well-trimmed, neat and clean looking.

Most lawyers advise on eliminating all facial hair. The effort that is put into shaving will show the jury that you are serious and mean business.

Good personal hygiene is a must. You need to look your very best, Hair shampooed, showered, teeth brushed and smelling nice.

Business casual dress is the way to put your best foot forward. Individuals who wear jeans and tee shirt often look young and immature. Be on your best behavior and do everything within your power to look your very best.

3. Hire a Lawyer.

Only a lawyer knows all of the subtleties in the law and how the judicial system works. It is important to hire an expert so that every base is covered. Hire a good criminal defense attorney that has a reputation for being good at their job and compassionate to their clients. Use your free consultation to get to know them.

Only hire a lawyer who can prove the following:

  • Puts your case as a priority.
  • You get along well with one another.
  • Has trial experience dealing with similar charges
  • Positive record in a court room setting

The right lawyer will know what laws pertain to your case and how to use them to your advantage. He will also know what to say when speaking directly to the judge and jury.

4. Be Punctual.

Be on time to your court hearing. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to be a few minutes early. It gives the appearance that you ready to move forward and put the bad things behind you. It shows you are committed to upholding the law and doing whatever it takes to resolve the issue. Tardiness shows a lack of respect and can make the jury doubt your sincerity.

If you do not show up for your court hearing at all, a warrant will be issued for your immediate arrest. You will lose your bail money and will be required to stay in jail until the next scheduled hearing date. If you abide by the law, your case should proceed effortlessly, if not, it can be a long, drawn out affair.

If you have questions about proceedings and what will happen, contact your lawyer and tell him your concerns. He is there to help you and you are paying for his services. He is there to help you get through the case.

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