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Penalties for Felony Crimes in Nevada

In Nevada, crimes are classified as gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, and felonies. Felony crimes in Nevada are classified as A through E. These categories are according to the seriousness of the nature of the offenses, and they form the basis on which...

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Common Mistakes People Make at a DUI Checkpoint

To protect road users from drunk or drugged drivers, police set up roadblocks in predetermined locations where they check for signs of intoxication in motorists. These roadblocks are known as DUI checkpoints. Imagine driving down the road and seeing...

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Understanding Nevada's Criminal Court Process

In Nevada, a lengthy court process could characterize even a seemingly minor criminal case. Several procedures must be followed in and out of the court before the closure of a case. After an arrest, you will be uncertain about what to expect, especially...

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Violent Crimes Overview in Nevada

Violent crimes involve intentional and severe harm to a person or serious property destruction. Arrests for violent crimes are becoming more frequent, and Nevada laws have been written to specify what is considered a violent crime. Some common offenses...

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