When you face arrest for suspicion of committing an offense, you are detained in police custody until you can secure your release. Bail is the amount of money that you pay to a court so that it can order for your release from custody. You pay money as bail to the court to serve as a surety that you will attend all court hearings without fail.

Usually, the relevant officers set the amount payable as bail within two days of your arrest. The maximum timeline is to ensure that the police do not unlawfully hold you for long. Keeping an accused person in a cell for more than two days without offering the option of release on bail is a violation of Nevada law.

The court also considers that you may lack all funds required to clear the bail amount set. Therefore, it offers you the option of a Bail Bond. This system of payment includes part payment on your part. Thus, the court holds some of your money as a surety of your attendance to hearings. If you follow all the required procedures, the court will exonerate all the cash posted as Bail Bond to you or the sponsor of your fees. However, a failure to comply with the guidelines puts you at risk of losing the money handed to the court.

With the help of a good Bail Bond company, the process of posting the bail and securing your release from jail is significantly made easier. It would be best to be keen to pick out the characteristics of a good Bail Bond company. At Express Bail Bonds company, we strive to ensure that:

  • Our Bondsmen are available anytime
  • Our licenses are not suspended or restricted
  • Our payment terms are flexible and friendly to our clients

Why You Should Work With a Bail Bond Company

As long as you are in police cells, your hands are tied, and your actions may be quite limited. Opting to act alone or without professional help may slow down your release process significantly, because you may face unforeseen setbacks that a professional Bondsman would have handled beforehand. There are many benefits of working with a Bail Bond Company.

  1. The Assigned Bondsman Can Easily Find an Arrested Person

If you are working to secure the release of your loved one, you may have a hard time tracking him or her down. The process of finding the arrested person becomes even harder, considering that they cannot use their mobile phones. Additionally, he or she may not call you upon receiving the rightful signal phone call from jail. However, a Bondsman has adequate skill and experience in contacting the proper authorities, who in turn, help to track the arrested person quickly. Also, a Bail Bonds company has a network of essential contacts who liaise with the officers to distinguish the features of the person in question.

  1. The Bail Bonds Company Helps Clear the Required Bond Payment

Sometimes, you may not have the full amount of money that the court demands in exchange for your freedom. You may find it quite hectic to try and consolidate funds to clear bail amounts if you work without the help of a Bondsman. Working with a Bail Bonds company makes the process more comfortable because the Bondsmen clear the outstanding payment as soon as possible. As long as you pay the Bondsman handling your case a 10% commission of the total amount of bail you are expected to pay, he or she immediately acts as surety to pay for the full remaining amount.

Moreover, Bondsmen can also use other valuables as collaterals to secure payment. They may choose to use jewelry, cars, houses, among other valuable assets, to speed up your release by providing surety of bail bond.

  1. A Bondsman Speeds up Release Process After Turning Yourself In

When you commit a crime or any other civil wrong, you could be aware of an active arrest warrant issued against you. For the arrest and trial process to continue expeditiously, we usually recommend that you turn yourself in at the police station, and let the due process of law ensue. Once you are lawfully arrested, your Bondsman will actively work to post bail as soon as he or she can and, therefore, hasten the process of your release. If the court is satisfied by your action of turning yourself in, there is no reason why you should not be granted a lower value of bail bond. The smaller amount will automatically reduce your predicament, and enable your release promptly.

  1. You Have Access to Expert Service Providers

Much as you may believe that you can handle your posting of bail, some steps, procedures, and requirements may catch you by surprise. However, if you seek the services of a Bondsman, such mistakes or overlaps are easily avoided, because of the vast work experience that he or she has. Moreover, Bondsmen are aware of all the rights that the courts and police officers should avail to you, and will, therefore, enforce those rights in regards to the bail bond postage process.

  1. You Receive Less Scrutiny and Probes From the Courts

A judge who issued a bail or bail bond amount for you to pay may be surprised to learn that you can pay it upfront. Even if you have genuine sources of the money you use to pay for your bail, judges can quickly become doubtful and order you to issue documents of proof of ownership. The records include bank statements, tax clearance documents, and proof of purchase of assets. The process of acquiring all these papers while still holding up in jail can be stressful and draining.

Using the services of a Bail Bond company, however, reduces the chances of these inconvenient probes from judges. The Bondsman in charge of your case does not need to prove any sources of income or wealth. This is because his/her job is to clear bail for you. Therefore, Bondsmen rarely invite scrutiny and attention on themselves as they make the payment, leading to a more efficient and quicker release from jail.

Find a Bail Bond Company Near Me

After you find yourself in trouble by getting arrested, you will need all the help you can to help you secure your release. At Express Bail Bonds, our purpose is to provide efficient and professional services to anyone in need of posting bail. We guarantee brilliant results and a smooth process to secure your release. Contact us today at 702-633-2245.