When you or a loved one find yourself detained in jail, it can be hard to know the next step. Thankfully Express Bail Bonds provides a reliable Goodsprings bail bonds service. Our reliable bondsmen will guide you accordingly to have your loved one released from jail within the shortest time possible. Securing your freedom from custody with our bondsmen is simple; you only need to contact us. We understand the legal system and the concerns you could have regarding the safety and well-being of your loved one. We have been assisting individuals in posting bail for decades. Once we have the basic information from you, we will get to work and have you or your loved one out of custody in no time.

Understanding Bail Bonds In Goodsprings

When the law enforcers arrest and put you in jail for committing a crime, the court will deny you bail or set the amount of bail for you. In most cases, bail often seems too costly for low-level individuals. But, even if it is pocket-friendly, you, your family, or your friend might not have the money. This is where our Goodsprings bail bondsman comes in handy.

You could have never posted bail and do not understand the purpose of bail bonds. A bail bond guarantees that you will attend the court proceedings. If you fail to show up for the court hearings, you forfeit your right to your bail amount, and the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Why Choose Goodsprings Bail Bonds Service?

With so many bail bond companies in Goodsprings, how can you choose the best one? What makes Express Bail Bonds stand out from other companies?

Some of the factors that set us apart include the following:

We Work To Make The Process Convenient For You

Our bondsmen do not make securing your freedom from jail stressful. We understand that being arrested and placed in custody is stressful enough. You do not have to come to our offices in person to post bail. We can organize bail for you by fax or over the phone. Our fax and phone service allows arrestees without relatives nearby to secure their release from jail. We can facilitate bail bonds for you, provided you are within the United States. We do not impose restrictions while pursuing your freedom from custody.

Apart from providing bail bonds service, we have gone further to develop strategic connections in Goodsprings, and we are delighted to put them to work for you. For example, if you require the service of a private detective to assist you in building your case, we will connect you with one. We have several you can work with if you need a skilled criminal attorney. We can even provide bail reduction assistance and help you with arrest warrants to secure affordable freedom.

We Have The Experience You Require

What allows our bondsmen to speed up securing your release from custody?

Our decades of experience in this field. We have decades of experience in this field working with the Goodsprings Department of Corrections. We have developed good connections over the years and acquired the necessary expertise, allowing us to get our clients out of custody quickly. We will get the job done for you no matter the level of law enforcement you require us to work with.

We Post Bail For You

The premium for a bail bond in Goodsprings is usually 15% of the bail amount, and the law demands that all bail bondsmen adhere to this limit. This rate is legal since the Department of insurance sets it. In some situations, this charge can be reduced depending on a bail bond company’s policy, but the law prohibits bondsmen from charging a higher rate. You could qualify for a lower premium if your case meets any of the following criteria:

  • A party to the transaction is a veteran or United States military member.
  • A party to the transaction is a member of a workers’ union.
  • The arrestee has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

We offer flexible bond financing and payment options to make the process more affordable. We also accept different types of collateral. In most cases, we need a co-signer, but we accept collateral if the bail is costly. We take anything with significant resale value. For example, we can accept land titles or motor vehicle titles. Usually, we assess real estate based on equity.

Generally, nobody enjoys spending time in custody. It not only brings stress to your life but also takes up time you could spend doing other profitable tasks. In addition, confinement in jail steals your family time and prevents you from working. However, we can help you secure your release from custody and allow you to contest your charges properly.

Release On an Own Recognizance

You do not have to post a cash bail, surety bond, or property bond to secure your freedom from jail. Sometimes, you could secure a release from jail on your own recognizance. This means that you can secure a release without posting bail. Usually, you will be required to sign a written commitment to attend all the court hearings.

The judge must prove that you qualify for bail, but because of your good record, he/she chooses to grant you an O.R. release. However, you could also be required to meet certain requirements to gain your freedom from custody. The conditions can include meeting with a probation officer and refraining from certain activities. If you do not adhere to the conditions, the judge will impose an arrest warrant on you even if you were released without bail.

Seeking A Release On Your Own Recognizance

It can be hard to predict whether you will secure a release on your own recognizance because this lies within the judge's discretion. The judge will consider the following factors while determining whether to grant an O.R. release:

  • Any record of your good behavior in the society
  • The severity of your charges
  • Your criminal history
  • The strength of your community ties like family members or job

If you do not pose a threat to the public, you do not have a criminal history, and your offense did not involve violence, you could secure release on your own recognizance. The court can sometimes be convinced to release you without bail if your employer’s representatives or relatives appear in court and request your release.

Judges often use bail algorithms in making bail decisions. Bail algorithms are objective statistical programs that evaluate your possibility of failing to attend court hearings. They also assess your likelihood of committing another offense before your court proceedings. Bail algorithms can recommend or produce a score. Unlike judges, algorithms consider a more limited range of circumstances. Their main advantage is that they aim to promote consistency and eliminate bias. For example, you could secure a release on your own recognizance if you obtain a favorable outcome from the bail algorithms.

However, if you fail to secure a release on your own recognizance, you could persuade the court to lower bail so that you can post bail easily. You could also opt to seek the services of a local attorney to assist you in strategizing on how to convince the court. Skilled local attorneys understand the judges and can easily persuade them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Goodsprings bail bonds are:

Which Factors Do Judges Consider When Setting Bail?

Judges in Goodsprings convene annually to deliberate on the bail schedule for their respective counties. Once they set a bail schedule for the year, it will be adopted as a rule for most bail bond cases. However, when you appear in court, the judge can decide the amount of bail depending on your specific situation. For example, it is common for judges to increase or reduce the bail amount based on the following:

  • The likelihood that you will attend all the court hearings.
  • Whether you used the gun while committing the alleged crime
  • Public safety
  • Your previous criminal records.
  • The severity of your offense

What Is Bail Bond Reinstatement?

If the judge forfeits your bail for missing the court proceedings, you or your attorney could still have the initial bond reinstated. You only need to make a formal request to the judge. You can also reach out to your bail bondsman and request a "Resumption of Liability Motion." The initial bail bond will be reinstated if the judge approves this request.

What Are No-Collateral Bail Bonds?

These are bail bonds for which you do not need collateral to secure them. Your signature is often sufficient in most cases. These bonds are recognizance or signature bonds. They serve a similar purpose but do not require the normal collateral you and your co-signer will need when securing a bail bond. Your signature will guarantee that you will honor the court-scheduled proceedings and adhere to the conditions of the bond.

The court will consider several factors before determining whether you qualify for this option. They include:

  • If you have strong roots or ties to the community
  • If you have a good credit history
  • If you have a stable source of income or proof of income
  • If you are accused of a minor felony case
  • If you are a threat to public safety
  • If you are highly unlikely to flee from your jurisdiction once you secure your freedom
  • If you have a prior criminal history

Is The Bond Premium Refundable?

Typically, the bond premium is not refundable. The bond premium is fully earned once you are posted at the detention facility and you walk out of jail. When professional bondsmen are chosen to post the bail bond, they accept the associated risks. They also offer the service, guaranteeing your compliance with the contractual agreement after they post bail. A bondsman takes responsibility for monitoring your whereabouts. They ensure that you do not fail to honor your trial dates. You and the co-signer pay the bond premium fee to cater to the bondsman's service. Therefore, it is not refundable.

Goodsprings Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

The Department of Corrections is busy in a state with millions of people. The caseload in this department requires them to process things as quickly as possible. While things could seem to be moving relatively well on their end, this is not good for people who have been arrested and put behind bars.

Most detention facilities in Goodsprings do not want to keep arrestees for long. Therefore, they often work for their transfer to larger detention facilities immediately after processing. Unlike in smaller detention facilities, the bail process takes longer once you are taken to larger jails. Often, it takes six hours for you to be booked into these facilities, so the bail process could take longer to complete.

When arrested in Goodsprings, time is of the essence. When you reach out to a Goodsprings bail bondsman, we immediately ensure that you or your loved one is not transferred to the large detention facilities. If you are already transferred there, we will do our best to reduce the time it takes to complete the bail process and have you back to your normal life.

Jail Information

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Court Information

Good Springs Justice Court

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