Bail is often set high to encourage people accused of crimes to appear for their court hearing on the specified day. Unfortunately, some defendants may not have access to enough funds to post the full amount of bail. The accused person has the choice to stay in custody in this case rather than take out a loan or put up personal property as security. This article delves into how long a person accused of an offense can be held in custody if they are unable to post bail.

Maximum Jail Time If Bail Is Unpaid

If you lack the money to pay the full bail amount, you'll be held in custody until the court decides to release you. You could also be held in custody until your scheduled court date. If the magistrate believes that you won't be able to pay the bail price and will be spending the next few days in custody, it's likely that the court will reschedule your case on the calendar.

Unfortunately, it can take a few months, weeks, or longer until the scheduled hearing is held. Spending this much time behind bars would prevent you from working, taking care of your children, or living life the way you initially intended.

Factors That Can Influence Your Time Behind Bars

If you are unable to pay your bond, a number of things will determine how long you will be detained. The judge can schedule your court hearing earlier if they are aware that you're unable to post bail and are incarcerated. Additionally, the reason you were caught and detained will influence how long you remain in custody. It’s best to contact a professional bail bonds company to settle your bail sum in full rather than taking the chance that you'll remain in custody right up to the court hearing date.

You Are Entitled To A Reasonable Bail and Speedy Trial

Every person has a legal right to a prompt trial and reasonable bail. This implies that you shouldn't have to wait several years to get your case heard. You'll most likely be required to spend one or two months behind bars before your scheduled court appearance.

The court should promptly set trial dates after consulting with the prosecution and defense about the case. For individuals who are unable to be released on bail, courts usually try to set up hearings as soon as possible. However, since the court calendar is likely to be full, your court hearing could take a while.

In other words, there's no set time limit on how long a person has to stay in custody before getting a court date. Unfortunately, hearings are not often scheduled as promptly as defendants would like by the courts. The only benefit of being detained before the court trial date is that it serves as time spent toward your sentence if you are convicted.

Getting Released from Detention

For most individuals who are arrested, posting the bail sum is a vital requirement. Most people don't have enough money to simply remain in custody without causing their loved ones to go hungry. This means individuals need options for getting out of custody, and there are several things you could do to help.

Raise Money

Charities, GoFundMe, and seeking assistance from friends are all effective options to raise money. Although it is difficult, it is possible. You could post bail if you can gather the necessary funds. If you show up to all of your scheduled court hearings, you will get your money back, and you won't have to worry about repaying anyone for a very long time. You are able to post bail at any time throughout the court procedures, even if it takes some time to obtain the necessary amounts.

Provide Collateral Security

 Many courts are willing to consider collateral as payment in place of money. This could be a property deed, a vehicle title, or any other valuable asset. A request must be submitted to the court for this action to be permitted.

 In many instances, you have to put up collateral worth more than the set bail amount. However, as long as you appear in court as scheduled, there is nothing to worry about. The court is unlikely to seize your collateral security unless you refuse to comply with the conditions of your bail.

Partner With a Bail Bonds Company

A bail bond firm can post the money needed to secure your release from detention. They do charge a premium fee, but it is considerably less than the price of bail. Because of their familiarity with the legal system and speedy processes, bail bond agents can secure the quickest possible release for their clients.

Using the services of a bail bond company is typically the simplest way to obtain bail. However, there are situations in which the bond payments themselves can be expensive. In most cases, this is the ideal place to begin, as it will give you the most information about your financial situation. If not, you could try one of your other options.

What Happens If You're Accused of a Crime?

If you're arrested and charged with an offense, you have the right to ask the court for a "bail hearing," where you can petition for a lower bail sum or possibly be freed on your own recognizance.

When deciding whether to lower the bail amount, the court will take into account the following two factors:

  • Whether you are a danger to yourself or others if discharged.
  • Whether you're a flight risk.

If you're accused of an offense and are placed in custody, you have various options for how long you will remain behind bars if you're unable to post bail:

  • You could opt to stay behind bars until the issue is resolved in court.
  • You expect the allegations to be dismissed (which rarely occurs).

If your bail is set at a high sum, you have to wait until it's reduced to a smaller amount before posting bail.

Find A Bail Bonds Company Near Me

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