In Las Vegas, law enforcement officers may arrest you or your family member over a DUI case at any time. When the officers make the arrest, you will risk facing severe DUI charges and penalties that might significantly impact your daily life. But the good news is, you may exit the jail by posting a DUI bail. Failure to post the bail might lead to remaining behind bars for an extended period.

The process of posting the bail might be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start. So, you want first to understand how DUI bail bonds work and the potential costs incurred. That’s why you should hire a DUI bail bonds agent to provide legal help when necessary.

How to Post a DUI Bail in Nevada

The first thing you will do is to search for a licensed and insured bail bonds agency. The type of DUI bail bonds agents you go for will significantly have an impact on your release. Then you will provide your basic details like your full names and the address of your detention facility. When you don’t have the full information about the location of your detention facility, the bondsmen will help you find it. The bondsmen will take less than half an hour to finish the paperwork. Upon completing the booking process, the bondsmen will help you post the DUI bail bond.

You will agree to show up at the court as scheduled. Appearing at the court will help you skip bail forfeiture and rearrest. When released from jail, you will be free to work with a DUI attorney to provide legal help throughout the entire process. If the police arrest you in Nevada, you want to consider our bail bonds agents from Express Bail Bonds. The agents are well licensed by the state and will provide unmatched DUI bail bonds services.

The Cost of a DUI Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, DUI charges are classified into four classes that differentiate their bail amount and penalties. The state's law considers both first and second as a misdemeanor with a lower bail amount below $5,000. Alternatively, the law considers both third and other DUI causing bodily injury and death as a felony with a bail amount of $10,000 and above.

The insurance department also sets a constant rate that all licensed bondsman must follow when providing DUI bail bonds services. The rates are usually set at 15% of the total bail amount as the standard rates.

Penalties for a 1st Time DUI

The laws in Nevada consider the act of physically controlling a vehicle while impaired as a misdemeanor. Under 1st time DUI conviction, the court will not impose jail term provided you complete the requirements. A first time DUI conviction will carry the following penalties in Nevada:

  • You might remain behind bars for up to six months or spend up to 96 hours committed to community service. In many cases, the court will grant you a six months sentence.
  • You will attend a DUI program.
  • You will pay a fine of up to $1,000 in addition to court costs. Many courts in Nevada impose a fine not exceeding $810.
  • You will attend a Las Vegas victim panel like a MADD lecture that warns drivers against impaired driving.
  • When your BAC reads 0.18% and above, the court will impose a drug abuse program.
  • Your driving license will be revoked for 185 days in addition to the $35 fee.
  • When you have a 0.18 and above BAC, the court will order you to insert an interlock device for up to two and half years.

You must note a DUI charge will be dismissed once you complete your DUI programs. The DUI program is a rehabilitation program but not eligible for every defendant. Also, the DUI conviction will remain in your criminal history for up to 7 years. But you will be eligible to seal the DUI record after the period provided by the law.

Penalties for a 2nd DUI Conviction

Unlike in the first DUI conviction, a second DUI charge will carry a mandatory jail term due to the previous conviction. The potential penalties for a second DUI charge in Nevada are:

  • Residential confinement or a jail term of up to 6 months
  • Attend to a victim impact board
  • A fine not exceeding $1,000
  • A drug evaluation will cost around $100.
  • Alcohol and drug treatment program
  • Insertion of a breath interlock machine for up to 185 days.
  • A suspension of your driving privileges for a year, a week registration suspension, and also pay a civil fine of $35.

A DUI attorney may help you skip the jail terms or even have your case dismissed after completing your misdemeanor DUI program.

The Penalties for a 3rd DUI conviction

The laws in Nevada consider a third DUI charge as a felony. It doesn’t matter whether you triggered injuries or not. A third DUI conviction in Las Vegas will trigger the following penalties:

  • Imprisonment for up to 6 months. a fine not exceeding $5,000.
  • A drug and alcohol dependency evaluation
  • The court will order you to Insert a breath interlock tool in your vehicle for three years.
  • Attend a Nevada victim impact board
  • License revocation or suspension for three years, suspension of license registration for five days, and a civil fee of $35.

Penalties for a DUI Charge Involving Death and Injuries in Nevada

The state's law considers the case a category B felony. The following are the penalties for the offense:

  • A fine between $2,000 and $5,000.
  • Imprisonment for up to 20 years.
  • Attending a Nevada victim impact board
  • Insertion of a breath interlock device for up to three years.
  • Can the court dismiss or reduce a DUI charge?
  • The laws in Nevada prohibit the court from reducing or dismissing a DUI charge unless the prosecutor has weak evidence.
  • When your BAC result is 0.18%, and above, you will be required to insert a breath interlock tool for two and half years.

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