When an illegal immigrant is arrested for committing a crime or attempting to enter the United States, they could be arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The defendant can remain in ICE detention until their immigration case is resolved or be released on bail. Bail for immigrants could be used to ensure that the defendant appears in immigration court or leaves the country voluntarily within a specified time.

Due to the nature and severity of immigration violations, bail amounts at the immigration court could be high. This makes it impossible for many immigrants to raise the bail money and secure a release. Spending time in detention can take a toll on a person’s well-being. Therefore, if your loved one is arrested and detained by the ICE, you should contact an immigration bail bonds company to help you secure the release.

The immigration bail bond company will offer the financial assistance you need and expert guidance as you navigate the release. Hiring a reliable immigration bail bond company is critical to ensuring a fast and smooth release process.

Overview of Immigration Bail Bonds

After an arrest and detention for violating an immigration law, a defendant will attend a court hearing where the immigration court judge determines the amount they must pay with a pending immigration case. Most immigrants and their families cannot afford to pay an immigration bond in cash. Therefore, seeking immigration bail bonds may be the only option to secure a loved one’s release.

An immigration bail bond is an agreement between Immigration Customs Enforcement, a defendant facing immigration charges, and a bail bonds company. The bail bonds company pays the bond for the immigrant to be released and shoulders responsibility for the defendant's return for immigration court proceedings.

Types of Immigration Bail Bonds

There are two main types of immigration bonds that a bail bonds company can help you settle for a loved one detained by the ICE, including:

Delivery Bond

An immigrant detained by the ICE can seek to be released on a delivery bond, the most common form of immigration bond. Posting this type of bail allows you to remain in the United States and move on with your life as you wait for your immigration court proceedings. You may be eligible for a release on delivery bond if you receive an arrest warrant and custody conditions for your immigration violation.

When you contact a bail bonds company to help you post the delivery bond for a loved one, they will provide the total bail amount to the immigration court. If the defendant returns for the court proceedings as scheduled, the bail bonds company will receive their money from the court. However, the bond money could be lost in a forfeiture if the defendant skips bail.

Voluntary Departure Bond

An illegal immigrant detained by ICE can agree to leave the United States voluntarily within a specified time. In this case, posting the bail bond allows the defendant to be released and go back to their home country.

By agreeing to the voluntary departure bond conditions, the immigrant will not be removed from the country forcefully. When you post a voluntary departure immigration bail bond, the bail bonds company will recover their money once the immigrant has left voluntarily.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bail Bonds Company

The moments following an arrest and detention at the ICE can be traumatizing for the immigrant and their family. Finding the right immigration bail bond company to help secure your loved one out of detention is critical.

The following are some factors you must consider before working with a bail bonds company:

Licensing and Insurance

The first factor you must look into is whether the bail bonds service has the necessary licensing and insurance to practice in your area. Before licensing, a bail bonds company must have a proven record of providing good services. Therefore, knowing that your bail bonds company is licensed keeps you at ease through the bail bonds process.


The laws surrounding immigration violations, arrests, and bail are complex. Therefore, you will benefit from the guidance and services of a bail bonds company specializing in immigration bonds. Bail bondsmen who have handled immigration bail bonds understand the ins and outs of immigration courts and can help you secure a faster release for your loved one.

Check for reviews

With the increased use of the internet to advertise services, most immigration bail bond companies will have an online profile. This could be used to contact them and for customers to write reviews about their services. Checking for online reviews gives you an honest opinion about the services offered by the company.

Cost Transparency

Although posting an immigration bail bond is cheaper and more convenient than posting a cash bail, you will be responsible for up to fifteen percent of the total immigration bond. When consulting with a potential immigration bail bond company, you must ensure their costs are transparent. This helps you avoid unforeseen costs that arise when you have already signed the bail bond agreement.

Effective Communication

There are many laws that you may not understand during the immigration process. The role of an immigration bail bondsman continues even after they have provided the financial assistance you need to bail your loved one out. The bondsman assigned to your case should offer guidance and explain everything you need to understand about the process.

Therefore, you must ensure that you work with a company whose communication is reliable. If your first call to an immigration bond goes unanswered, you should move on to the next company.

Find a Competent Immigration Bail Bonds Company Near Me

Defendants facing charges for immigration violations are detained by immigration and customs enforcement. Securing a release from ICE detention requires the immigrant to post a voluntary departure or delivery bond, depending on their intentions after a release. In most cases, the court will require a United States citizen to post the immigration bail bond.

If you have no money to post cash bail to secure your loved one’s release, you can use an immigration bail bond. This involves contacting an immigration bail bond company for assistance. Your bail bond request can be accepted or denied depending on your loved one’s criminal history and the severity of their violation.

Posting immigration bail bonds allows your loved one to continue with their life in the US while awaiting court proceedings or leaving the country voluntarily. At Express Bail Bonds, we offer expert immigration bail bond services for our clients in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us at 702-633-2245 today for much-needed support.