Pahrump, Nevada is a great place to live but there may be times when life becomes a bit stressful. Getting a call from a loved one asking for bail money is not something anyone wants to hear. At Express Bail Bonds our agents are always ready whenever this type of emergency occurs. Day or night, holidays or weekends, our agents are available to assist you with all of your bail bond needs. Our office is open 24 hours a day because we know that arrest don't always occur during normal business hours. All you have to do is call our office at 702-633-2245.

You Need Express Bail Bonds!

If you're dealing with an arrest, don't go to just any bail bonds agency. They are not all the same! Some charge higher than normal fees and others don't always make their clients a top priority. At Express Bail Bonds, agents our agents are able to fill out the application over the phone, by fax/email, or if you are in the area, stop by the office. Once the 15% premium has been paid, our agent will be on the way to post the bond and pick up your loved one. We don't have any hidden fees and we make sure you know what is going on through every step of the process.

Understanding How Bail Bonds Work

When you first receive the phone call, frustration and confusion can make it difficult to remember what to do next. Your first step should be placing a phone call to us at 702-633-2245. Our agent will take the defendant's information and begin to fill out the bail bond application. It's important to have the defendant's name, date of birth, the county where the arrest occurred and what the charges are. If you don't have all of the information, don't worry! We have built a solid relationship with both the Nevada courts and law enforcement agencies. With a few phone calls, will we have what we need to complete the application.

It only takes 30 minutes to fill out the application and a few minutes more to secure the 15% premium. You can pay this with cash, credit card, money order, or a check. If you qualify, you may even be able to finance it. With those two things completed, the agent will immediately head to the jail and post your loved one's bond. Before you are able to come and pick them up, the bail bonds agent will go over the rights and responsibilities for both of you.

Know Your Rights as Well as Your Obligations

At Express Bail Bonds, we do everything possible to make sure our clients' rights are protected. We also make sure they understand what is expected of them while they are out on bond. This includes;

  • Complying with the court's demands
  • Appearing in court when scheduled
  • Not getting into any more trouble
  • Submitting to random drug/alcohol tests if required
  • Remaining within the jurisdiction of the court while the case is still open

The defendant must also agree to check in with the bail bond agent and the court on a regular basis.

As a co-signer, you are responsible for the entire bail bond amount until the case comes to a close. You may decide you don't want to be on the hook for the defendant's bond if you believe they may try and avoid court. If this is your choice, the bail bond agent will locate the defendant and return them to the jail. Once the defendant has been taken into custody, the bond will be released and you will no longer be responsible.

A bond can also be forfeited if the defendant chooses not to appear in court as promised. If this occurs, the judge will issue a warrant for their arrest. If they are not returned to jail, you, as the co-signer, will be fully responsible for paying off the bond. If you've missed court inadvertently, all the clerk immediately and explain the situation. A new court date will be set and your bond will be re-instated.

You can also hire a bail bonds agent to post your bond if you know you have an existing warrant. All you need to do is go to the jail together. While you are being processed through the booking system, the bail bonds agent will be posting your bail. You will go from booking to release and spend no time in jail.

Professional and Reliable Service When You Need It Most

Express Bail Bonds has a long-standing reputation for providing Nevada residents, especially those living in Pahrump, the most professional and reliable service possible. Our reputation is well-known throughout the entire state of Nevada. We take each of our cases seriously and do everything we can to make sure the bail bonds process goes is easy and stress-free. We always take the time to answer questions, address your concerns, and make sure you are fully comfortable with the situation before we move forward. We make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed and responsible decision.

Our goal is to consistently provide professional and reliable bail bonds service to the residents of Pahrump, Nevada, as well as the surrounding communities. When we take on a client, we work together as a team from the minute the application is signed until the case is finalized and the bond is released. We work hard to make sure both the defendant's and the co-signer's rights are protected and that both parties have everything they need to move forward. We have experience working with almost every type of bail bond situation, so when we say we understand, we really do!

If you live in the Pahrump, Nevada area and need a bail bonds agent, don't choose just anyone. Call Express Bail Bonds today at 702-633-2245 and talk to one of our agents. Each agent on our staff is fully licensed and bonded. They have years of experience and are trained to handle even the most difficult situations. Don't stress over an arrest. We are here to help you get through it! Call and talk to one of our agents today. Our phone lines are always open and we are waiting to hear from you!