A bail bond is a sum of money paid by a bondsman to a court in Laughlin so that a defendant can be freed after being detained. If you cannot afford the bail, you can engage a bondsman and agree to pay them a bail premium. The bondsman "posts bail" by paying the entire amount of the bail bond to the court. The bail bond applicant does not receive a reimbursement of the bail bond premium when the case is over. The court closes the bail bond when the matter is resolved, and any remaining funds are given to the bail bondsman. If you need a reliable Laughlin bail bonds service, Express Bail Bonds can help.

How Bail Bonds Work In Laughlin

A criminal defendant could be released from custody while their case is still in progress, thanks to the legal procedure known as bail. Posting bail involves paying a defined sum of money to the court to guarantee that the defendant will appear at the subsequent court date. When the court's proceedings are over, the court returns the bond money to the individual or business that posted it.

A bail bond is a financial guarantee or commitment that the defendant will appear in court as scheduled. If the defendant misses a court date and the court issues a bench warrant, the court will keep the entire bond sum. Bail may be secured using your cash. The money must be delivered directly to the jail. Two months after the case is over, the funds will be returned to you as a check.

A Laughlin bail bonds company can cover the cost of your bail if you cannot pay it in cash. A defendant or their family can employ a bondsman to bail them out. This is known as posting a bail bond or, more specifically, a surety bond.

Bail bond providers in Laughlin are not allowed to demand more than 15% of the bail sum. Bailing a person out of jail costs $150.00 or less if the bail is $1,000. The Department of Insurance oversees all bail bond companies in Laughlin.

Bailable Offenses In Laughlin

No, not all crimes are eligible for bail. In general, bail is not granted in cases involving capital charges, like murder, treason, espionage, and other crimes carrying the death penalty or a life sentence.  However, most of the time, bail bond companies will offer bonds for most felony & misdemeanor arrests. For example, you can seek a Laughlin bail bonds service for any of the following crimes:

  • Drug possession
  • Warrant arrests
  • Assault
  • Domestic Battery
  • Grand theft
  • Driving under the influence

There are several advantages of having your loved one released on bail: 

  • If the defendant is a friend or relative, you can demonstrate your support and love for them by helping them post bail.
  • The defendant can go back to work, to school, and keep up with their family.
  • It gives the accused person time to build a defense against the allegations they are facing.
  • It stops the defendant from receiving punishment before being formally found guilty.

How To Bail A Loved One Out Of Jail

Bailing a loved one out of jail can be confusing, especially if you have never done it before. Contacting the jail to learn the most recent details and procedures regarding how or where to post bail is the initial step in bailing out a loved one in custody. Inmates are usually released after a few hours of money being received. Contact a Laughlin bail bondsman if the bail amount seems excessive. Bail bonds are a massive business in Laughlin. Usually, the courts and jails are close enough for you to visit a bondsman's office.

Your criminal defense lawyer can always ask for another bail hearing if you desire to have your bond reduced. Both parties are permitted to make their arguments during bail proceedings. For instance, the prosecution can argue to maintain or raise the current bail amount, while the defense could argue for a reduction or removal of bail. The resolution procedure, in which the judge makes the final decision, is the last stage of a bail hearing. The defendant could ask for a further hearing if the judge upholds their original ruling.

Contracting a Laughlin bail bondsman is simple. First, identify the arrestee and the jail where they are, then get in touch with your preferred bondsman.  Usually, to have the defendant freed from custody, the certified bail bondsman will locate the custody where the defendant is, get in touch with the jail to confirm the bail amount required, and complete the needed documentation.

You can also apply for bail over the phone by giving a bail bondsman the relevant details regarding the arrested person. The bail bond process can be completed via the telephone. Additionally, your signature will be required on a few documents. Typically, you could either come into the office to pick up these documents in person or have them emailed or faxed to you. 

Bail Bond Collateral

Collateral is typically something that has been offered as a guarantee of payment and will be surrendered if the applicant defaults. When posting a bond, having collateral/ security is not always necessary.

In Laughlin, a bail bond company will keep something of value, like a real estate deed (for a home or apartment), a car title, or a bank account. The collateral is returned to the lawful owner after the defendant shows up in court for all the scheduled hearings. 

Unlike the bail bond collateral, the 15% bail agency charge is not refundable. Therefore, no matter the lawsuit's outcome, this fee is retained as payment for services provided.

Documents Required When Posting Bail

When posting bail, several documents are required:

  • A client information form
  • Authorization to process payment
  • A payment arrangement form, if necessary
  • An information form outlining future court dates and the client's responsibilities

If you cannot collect the above documents in person, you could have them sent to you via fax or email.

Own Recognizance Release In Laughlin

Release on their own recognizance is an option for defendants. This happens when a defendant is brought to jail and booked, but the judge decides not to set bail. This agreement is reached when the defendant gives a written undertaking that they will show up for all future court appearances.

When deciding whether to release a defendant on their own recognizance, several considerations are taken into account, including the seriousness of the offense, the defendant's criminal history, their ties to the community and employment history, and any potential harm to the public.

In Laughlin, defendants can receive an O.R. release unless the prosecutor files a case that the accused should post bail due to clear and reasonable doubt. When a defendant receives an O.R. release, they do not require the help of a bondsman. 

Determining The Bail Amount And Conditions

When the law calls on the court to set the bail amount, the judge can impose any reasonable restrictions deemed necessary to "safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the community" and ensure the defendant's appearance at the times and locations the court specifies. Travel restrictions by region, contact limitations for certain people, and restrictions on certain behaviors are some examples of bail conditions.

Upon a showing of "good cause," the judge can release a defendant without posting bail. The law outlines several elements that the court must consider when deciding whether there is cause to release a defendant without a bond. The law also checks the reasonableness of any restrictions the judge imposes when setting bail.

The nature of the crime and risk posed to the alleged victim, the likelihood that the defendant would show up in court, the defendant's reputation and character, employment history, relationships with the community, and criminal history are all things that courts take into account when making bail judgments. The criteria cover issues related to flight risk and community safety.

 According to the law, a defendant could be detained for violating the terms of their bail. Failure to adhere to bond conditions could increase the bail sum or a finding of contempt.  An arrest warrant is issued, and the process to forfeit the bond is commenced if the defendant misses the required court appearances.

After Release From Custody

A person who has been released from custody on bail is responsible for their conduct. Defendants are required to perform the following duties:

  • Upon being freed from custody, the defendant should visit their bail bondsman's office to complete the required papers. The defendant will then be informed of prospective court dates at this point.
  • Additionally, defendants are required to notify their Laughlin bail bondsman of any upcoming court dates in person or by phone 
  • Defendants must also show up for all of their planned court appearances.

A Bondsman Helps You Avoid Jail

Your attorney could try to assist you, but an attorney's work takes time, so you should not expect to receive instant assistance. That means your Laughlin bail bondsman will provide you the money to post bail and remain out of custody while the attorney prepares to help and support you. Understanding what you are getting into and how to approach it is crucial. Relying solely on a lawyer is not a good move because he/she will not assist you in time, and you might have to sit in jail until the next trial is held.

The mere fact that you work with an attorney does not guarantee your freedom. The trial's preparations will probably take time. No attorney can assure you that he/she will prevail in your case. When that happens, it is a warning sign, and you need to find a means to safeguard yourself in case something goes wrong. However, provided your offense is bailable, a bail bondsman will assist you in getting out of jail.

Hiring a Bondsman Guarantees Your Release

As you can see, working with a bail bondsman gives you additional security and the assurance that you will be released, at least temporarily, so that you can handle your issues and prepare for trial. You must only rely on tested specialists who can help you to post bail effectively. You cannot expect an attorney to instantly win your release because he/she will have to prepare your defense strategy. Working with a bail bondsman is the best course of action since they can give you the money you require in the shortest time possible.

We Can Help

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