When a minor commits a crime in Nevada, the process of arrest and filing of their charges are different from an adult offender’s process. When your child faces charges in juvenile court, they have no right to post bail. Instead, the court may hold a detention hearing to determine if the minor is fit to go home as they wait for the juvenile court proceedings.

If your minor child faces charges for committing a crime, you should not take the situation lightly. Juvenile courts have jurisdiction to impose penalties on the child if they have committed the alleged crime. One of the most dreaded outcomes in juvenile cases is when a minor is charged as an adult.

However, in this case, they may be entitled to bail. Arrest and detention for a minor can be challenging for the child and the family. Therefore, finding a trusted bail agent to post bail for a minor charged as an adult is important to ensure they go home with you.

Overview of Juvenile Bail Bonds

The juvenile court has jurisdiction over all individuals under the age of eighteen years. In Nevada, minors are considered to lack the required capacity to make the right decision. Therefore, the system treats them more leniently as compared to adult offenders. The arrest process and detention at a juvenile hall can be traumatizing for a minor. Prolonged stay in jail can mess up their mental state, causing them to incriminate themselves with the information they provide.

If your child faces charges for a crime, they will face trial at a juvenile court and be tried before a judge. Since the juvenile system aims at rehabilitating delinquents, possible punishments are not harsh. Your child has several rights, including a right to an attorney and a right to remain silent after an arrest.

Unfortunately, minors have no right to be released on bail as they await a hearing. The court has the right to determine if your child can be released without the involvement of bail bonds. If a minor is a first-time offender, they may receive some leniency from the court. However, if your child is a juvenile delinquent, they may have to remain in detention until their trial.

How Does Juvenile Bail Bonds Work?

There are circumstances where your child can be released on bail. This is the case when the juvenile system transfers the minor to an adult court. If your child has committed a serious crime like:

  • A minor over the age of 13 could be tried in adult court if suspected of attempted murder. 

  • When an individual over sixteen years commits murder, the juvenile court does not have jurisdiction over the case.

  • Sexual assault or other felony sex offenses committed by individuals over sixteen years are tried in adults.

When a juvenile is charged as an adult, they will have the right to post bail. Bail is an exchange of property or money to guarantee that an offender released before trial will appear for the hearing. Even when your child is tried in adult court, they cannot post bail; on their behalf. The court requires that an individual over eighteen years post bail for a juvenile offender. Without the presence of a legal guardian or parent, a minor will not be released on bail.

As a parent, you will be responsible for crucial decisions in your child’s case, even for appearance to court. If your child is released on bail, you will be held responsible for their conduct. Minors tend to be defiant to the laws and may fail to follow the strict conditions of bail. For this reason, most bail bonds agents are reluctant to post bail for minors. When seeking bail bonds for your child, you should ensure that you work with a bail agent to understand dealing with minors.

Failure to Appear to Court after Release on Bail

Before a minor is released, the court imposes some restrictions on the offender while out on bail. Since the minor is considered an adult, in this case, failure to follow bail conditions could prompt an arrest. Even though not all bail bonds have restrictions, the court has the discretion to impose the conditions they see fit depending on the case.

When a bail agent posts bail for a minor, they are responsible for their appearance. When an offender fails to appear for the hearing without a legitimate reason, the bail is forfeited. You will then lose the collateral used to secure the bond. Also, the court issues a warrant of arrest for the minor.

Bail Denial for Juvenile offenders

When a juvenile faces charges in adult court, they are treated as adults. Therefore, the court will assess their situation before granting bail. The court can deny your child bail if they are a flight risk. An individual is considered a flight risk if they are likely to flee and fail to appear for the hearing.

Most minors are charged as adults for committing violent crimes like attempted murder, aggravated assault, and sex crimes. Therefore, if the court determines that your child is a threat to their safety or the safety of other people, they could be denied bail and have to stay in jail awaiting trial.

Juvenile Courts and Detention Centers Information

Juvenile Detention Center

651 N Pecos Rd,

Las Vegas, NV 89101,


Summit View Youth Correctional Center

5730 Range Rd,

Las Vegas, NV 89115,


Carson City Juvenile Court

1545 East Fifth Street

Carson City, NV 89701


Clark County Juvenile Justice

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


Lyon County Juvenile Court

565 East Main Street

Fernley, Nevada 89408


Find a Las Vegas Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

Juvenile courts in Nevada aim at rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents other than punishment. Therefore, minor offenders are treated differently from adult offenders, and when a minor is arrested, they cannot be released on bail. However, if your child commits a serious crime like murder or a sex crime, they are transferred to adult court, and they will have a right to post bail.

Not every bail bonds agent is willing to deal with minor offenders and their families. This is because minors may fail to uphold bail bond agreements or fail to show up for court. When you seek bail bonds for your child, you will need a bail bonds agent with a good understanding of court systems and working with families for a successful bail and court process. At Express Bail Bonds, we will guide your child through the difficult process and post their bail. Contact us today at 702-633-2245 if seeking bail bond services in Las Vegas, NV.

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