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Cody L.

bailed out fast no time wasted they know what they are doing

Kandra C.

Jamie is the best, very friendly. Help get my boyfriend out right away. Thanks for going out your way to be pleasant. The world needs more people like you

Edward O.

Express bail bonds is the best bail bonds in Las Vegas they got my brother out fast and easy without all the hassle

Amanda D.

Ive never had to bail anyone out of jail before. To say I didnt know what I was doing is an understatement. Edgar helped me with every step along the way; and he didnt get mad when I called him...

Wray C.

Express bail bonds las vegas is a really good bail bond company and has been at the same location for 20 years. You will get great customer service and the bail bondsman staff is knowledgeable as far as how all the different jails and courts in the Las Vegas and Clark County area work.

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"Great bail bond company to work with in Las Vegas. They are the most reputable company I have known when it comes to bail bonds in Las Vegas".

Ryan Wells Bail Bonds

"From one bail bondsman to another I recommend Express Bail Bonds. Not many bail agents in Las Vegas are as reputable as Paul".

Bail Bond Professionals

"As a bail agent in Riverside I have had clients call me when in Las Vegas asking who do I recommend and I always tell them Express Bail Bonds"

Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds

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You never thought you'd be looking for a bail bond company, and we understand whet you are going through. We are here to help. We handle every cose that comes through our ofice with compassion, respect, and confidence. Express Bail Bands is much different from the typical run-on-the mill bonding company Our bondumen understand that each case is different, but we occord the same respect to all cients. We're here to make sure you will get through this by making the bail bonds process os easy and convenient as possible.

When you need help posting bail in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, call Express Boil Bonds at 702-633-2245 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you immediately. Don't let your loved one spend more tim in jail